Xunta’s second Women in Science program encouraged the inclusion of 524 women in research and the promotion of another 20 to leadership positions


Xunta’s second Women in Science program encouraged the inclusion of 524 women in research and the promotion of another 20 to leadership positions

The II Women and Science Program 2016-2020 of Xunta de Galicia had a direct impact on the professional careers of 544 women: 520 joined the research field and 20 were promoted to develop managerial positions. The results of this program, of which Xunta is the third edition, shows its effectiveness in strengthening the presence of women in these sectors and in bridging the gender gaps that still exist.
Thanks to the II Women and Science program promoted by the Women and Science Unit, more than a hundred procedures have been developed in Galicia by different departments of Xunta that have affected more than 10,000 people from different groups, despite the limitations imposed on – deal with activities due to the health crisis.
The actions were mainly aimed at schools and universities and allowed, among other things, the training of teachers; Activate measures to “connect” girls to technological careers and involve them more in the information society through successful programs such as ADA, Diana or Athena; Or implement projects like Nin + nin – which encourage boys and girls in secondary schools and baccalaureate centers to meet unique women in traditionally male sectors.
During the period of validity, more than 242 million euros have been allocated to finance these measures. Last year (2020) alone, the budget was 60.3 million euros, 25% more than in 2019.
The Women and Science Unit was created 15 years ago with the aim of promoting a gender perspective in scientific activity. It is made up of representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Equality; economy, business and innovation; culture, education and university; health; Galicia Technological Modernization Agency; As well as women experts in the social, educational, scientific and technological fields.
For 19 years, it has become a determining factor in Xunta’s budgets, which in 2022 will represent more than 46,000 euros. Its establishment decree will be amended this year to update its composition and objectives, with the aim of responding to new needs and challenges such as integration into the same Galician public universities and the feminist trade union movement, which in recent years has worked to remove obstacles in the development of professional careers of academics due to pregnancy and / or motherhood and other gender issues.
One of the goals of the Women and Science Unit is to launch Galician programs on women and science. In the first and second conclusions, Xunta designs the third program (2021-2025), which is based on the participation of women in science and technology in Galicia through working hours and surveys of their perceptions and experience. Within this framework, meetings of the four established timetables have already taken place: the procedures reviewed within the independent service; associations of scientists, researchers, companies and technology centers; Summary table and conclusions.

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