Umpqua Community College Receives $ 2.5 Million TRIO Grant to Advance Education | Ucc


Umpqua Community College received a $ 2.5 million TRIO grant from the US Department of Education.

This grant is part of TRIO’s talent search program that directly targets low-income, first-generation students who have the potential to be successful, according to a press release from the college. UCC received the grant for a number of years, but had to be renewed. The program is being considered for renewal every five years.

UCC President Rachel Pokrandt said the school felt very lucky to have been considered for the renewal of the grant.

“The students have a full experience,” Pokrandt said. “And all the support outside of the classroom to be successful.”

These services include academic tutoring and counseling. Additionally, students are aided in choosing the college of their choice through preparation for university tests, admission and financial aid assistance, career counseling, and an overview of academic progress. .

“We want them to come and join our campus, but more importantly, we want them to be successful and come out of here with a degree or diploma that they can use in their career,” Pokrandt said. “Programs like TRIO support their success.

A total of 590 low-income or first-generation students in Douglas County will benefit from the program.

High schools included in the program include Roseburg, Douglas, South Umpqua, Sutherlin, Glide, and Riddle. The colleges are Fremont, Winston, Coffenberry, Sutherlin, Glide and Riddle.

Pokrandt pointed out that this program provides opportunities for all who are eligible in Douglas County.

“And really everyone in the community. We have students that range from 15 to 65,” Pokrandt said. “So wherever you are in your educational journey. “

Madison Temmel is Charles Snowden’s intern at The News-Review. She can be reached at [email protected] and at 541-957-4217.


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