Top New York Schools Are Looking For The Next Generation Of Awakened Educators


Many once-proud private schools in New York City are looking for the next generation of awakened educators to preach the gospel of anti-racism and critical racism, the post-employment review shows I am.

According to the job description posted in “Challenge Western Dance Styles and Address Hierarchical and Educational Practices that are Often White-Centered in Classes and Dance Stages” in the ballet teacher market. The stone school of ethics and culture that has emerged is at the forefront. School website.

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Even the science of Fieldston, an institution in the Bronx with tuition fees of $ 55,510 per year, is not immune to progressive missions. In a position seeking a high school biology teacher, applicants “must understand and be committed to supporting a diverse student body by teaching cultural skills, especially a more comprehensive science curriculum.” Declared.

Fieldston staff did not respond to requests for an explanation of what a “full science program” is.

STEM classes face a similar revival at Grace Church School ($ 57,330 / year) in downtown Manhattan. There, a consultant from the Center for Mathematics and Science is to have an “anti-racism and accessibility approach to student education for diverse learners.”

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One of the responsibilities listed as secretary of Riverdale Country School for $ 58,350 per year is to proofread the bulletin “for proper use of pronouns”.

Jonathan Butcher, a researcher at the Heritage Foundation, believes that critical racial theory and the so-called anti-racist agenda “all public and private life must be viewed in terms of racial identity. “View” is spreading.

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Top New York Schools Are Looking For The Next Generation Of Awakened Educators

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