The women who make Myntra’s mega event a mega success


With over 13 editions, Myntra’s End of Reason Sale (EORS) has brought an unparalleled buying experience to millions of buyers over the years. The ongoing 14th edition of the fashion manna, July 3-8, features around 9 lakh styles from more than 3,000 brands to forward-thinking customers nationwide. This year’s EORS is a beacon of hope and an opportunity for many brand partners, community of craftspeople and delivery partners to restart their lives and livelihoods.

Behind every successful EORS are several female Myntraverse executives who work around the clock to make sure the latest edition of the shopping extravaganza is more memorable and enjoyable than the last.

“The Pathfinders” series showcases Myntra’s commitment to empowering women with stories of women who are pioneers in their own right.

In this edition of ‘The Pathfinders’ series, we take a look at how diverse female executives are involved in making Myntra’s EORS a resounding success.

A privileged moment of collaboration

EORS is one of the biggest fashion events in the country, not only for customers and ecosystem partners, but also for the people of Myntra. Pulling off a large-scale event like this takes months of careful planning and execution. There is a special energy in the atmosphere around EORS – it is a time of great turmoil, of bigger and bolder bets being made and for teams to take ownership of their respective functions to bring the event forward. in new and exciting directions.

“I like the way all our teams come together to collaborate and share responsibilities” says Priya Rajagopal, Deputy Director – Quality Training & Knowledge Management. Her role puts her in charge of key aspects of the customer experience, from planning to ensuring that enough staff are trained and in place up front to handle the massive volumes of queries that arise during EORS.

“To close the loop of a great shopping experience for customers, it’s important that our teams are able to resolve issues for them. We keep a close eye to ensure faster solutions to any challenges our customers may face. To this end, we work with various teams like Marketing and Category Management so that customers get the right information and benefit from it in a timely manner ”, she says.

For Anushree Purohit, Manager – Sales Events and Activations, liaising with customer-facing teams such as marketing and advertising, to ensure their strategy is on point, is key to driving value for EORS. “The events team, being at the center of the gigantic fashion event, collaborate daily with different functions within the company to get things done, resolve issues as needed and ensure that stakeholders are aligned. on overall goals. and the objectives of any event on the application at any given time ”, she says.

Put the buyer at the center of everything

During EORS, everyone at Myntra aims to create a pleasant and broader shopping experience for customers with their unique skills. For Ambika Johri, Deputy Creative Director at Myntra, the goal is to reinforce the company’s strong brand identity through engaging visuals and user-centric designs.

“The visual and design elements are also adapted to the social context. Seven years ago, when EORS started, we played around a lot with the “end of reason” message. Then it evolved to reflect the celebration of the event. The visual identity of the December editions of the biannual event often reflects celebration and joy, ”she said. “This time around we had to consider that people have been through a lot. And, while the entire EORS continues to be an exciting time for our teams and clients, we’ve also reflected on what people are currently lacking and kept our design communications empathetic to users.

It is this ability to reinvent oneself that attracts millions of buyers with each new edition of EORS and also makes it a unique learning experience for each edition. “As a communications consultant, my role is to spread a hard-hitting message around EORS by identifying stories that will help the overall purpose of the event while leveraging new avenues of communication, and also ensuring that what the message reaches each targeted person who consumes it through various media, ”explains Soujanya Kadiyala, Senior Manager – Corporate Communications, who operates in a dynamic media environment. Since the start of the pandemic, the media landscape has undergone so many changes and leading brand conversations has not been the same for her.

EORS: the employees’ point of view

For Myntra employees, EORS is an extension of the company’s culture of celebration and the empowerment that comes with collaboration. There is a sense of camaraderie as everyone devotes hours to creating something meaningful for customers and the ecosystem, while celebrating the experience to the fullest.

“In the pre-COVID editions of EORS, we would have a one-day gala, which involved everything from a gourmet street with multiple counters to live band concerts,” says Arpitha, Manager – Real Estate and Venue. work, which has been a part of the 14 EORS events to date. “We end up having nightly calls with the management team just to see the engagement and which cities and categories are doing well. This is the kind of energy and excitement that we bring (to every EORS) and in which every Myntra employee participates fully!

For Soujanya, each EORS is a transformative experience. “The event takes place twice a year which makes it the most exciting time of the year. I have evolved with each edition of EORS, both personally and professionally, due to the learnings that accompany each edition. It is a rewarding professional experience because it is a clear opportunity to have an impact on the business objective of the company ”, she says.

Ambika echoes Soujanya’s views and explains how EORS is a testament to the impact her team is able to have on the business. “Thanks to EORS, I get to know how much and many people engage with the creations designed by our team. It is an assurance that we are able to provide such a pleasant or enjoyable shopping experience for users. “

Keeping the EORS spirit strong in a post-pandemic world

Most teams at Myntra largely agree that running EORS in a socially remote world comes with a whole new set of challenges and a steep learning curve. From organizing vaccination campaigns for frontline team members to providing PPE kits to those who needed to go to the office, including maintaining social distance and accessing necessary infrastructure To carry out their work, Arpitha and her team took on challenges head-on to help employees enable various editions of EORS during the pandemic. Nonetheless, she also says that working on virtual platforms has in no way diminished the excitement and overloaded atmosphere that accompanies EORS.

For many like Priya, bringing an event of this magnitude to a virtual environment is itself a milestone worth celebrating. “Customer contact training is a very complex experience that lasts a few weeks, followed by individual coaching. Training people virtually and refining this model is something that we are very proud to achieve, ”she says.

The 14th edition of the EORS is underway and thanks to the efforts of Myntra employees it is considered bigger and better than ever, serving customers across the country.

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