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By Betsy Raison

I am so happy to see the Harlem Wizards basketball fundraiser return to the schools in Noblesville.

Every two years since 2012, the Noblesville Schools Education Foundation had invited the Wizards basketball team as a fundraiser for the district.

But it’s been three years, since 2018, that our family has known the world famous Wizards due to the pandemic.

The district promotes it as a family game full of tricks, hoops and alley-oops, as the team doesn’t focus on winning, but on entertaining the crowd using their basketball tricks. ball.

There’s a ton of audience participation, so don’t be surprised if players rush to the stands and take selfies.

We saw so many memories being created during these basketball games, of our favorite teachers, principals and staff playing basketball against this crazy and fun team of Wizards on the basketball court at Noblesville High School, to young basketball players from Noblesville having the opportunity to play on the floor with wizards.

One of those young basketball players was my then 11-year-old daughter, a sixth-grade student at Noblesville East Middle School who loved playing the sport. (She played on the Noblesville Boys & Girls Club team for several seasons and then tried and is on the Noblesville Middle School seventh-grade team.)

We actually attended a Wizards game a few years ago in February 2016 when my 9 year old was then in fourth grade at North Elementary.

You see, when I heard that my basketball-loving daughter could be a “Wiz Kid” and participate in the pre-game warm-ups with the Harlem Wizards team, I signed her up, thinking it would be. a great experience for her.

And it was.

While we had to buy a Replica Wizards Jersey to be a Wiz Kid and paid a bit more to get tickets to the court, she got the opportunity to not only be part of the pre-match warm-ups, but also to make a grand entrance with over 50 Wiz Kids and Harlem Wizards, and get a group photo op with the players and an even bigger group photo op with all the Wiz Kids, Harlem Wizards and the Mighty team Miller, made up of our favorite teachers and administrators. In addition, her father bought her a souvenir purple and yellow Harlem Wizards basketball so that she could get it signed by the players when she met them.

It’s definitely worth the price of the jersey to see the children’s faces light up as Wiz Kids, as they join the Wizards in a dance routine, as well as invitations for the kids to come back to the ground throughout the game. spectacle.

During this game, as we were seated in the stands, one of the Wizard basketball players has just landed next to us in our seats at the edge of the field. Then he asked for my iPhone and he took a selfie with my daughter, who had this big smile on her face.

When the team returned a few years later, in February 2018, for a Harlem Wizards fundraiser, I re-registered them.

Only this time the experience was even more memorable. She knew what to expect this time around and was ready.

She donned her Wiz Kid jersey (which still fits her) and arrived early to participate in the pre-game warm-ups with the team. She made her big debut with the Wiz Kids and the Wizards and all the other hoopla.

It was all cool.

But what would happen next would be a big surprise to all of us. One of the wizards sat down next to her and then urged her to join him on the floor to play basketball on the wizarding team. In front of the hundreds of people present in the audience.

She ran along the court, playing basketball on the Wizards team for several minutes, shooting the basketball, receiving passes from the Wizards and just having fun. She couldn’t help but smile that night.

And that’s what it’s all about Thursday night. Create memories.

I therefore encourage families in Noblesville, especially those with young children who enjoy the sport, to plan to go out Thursday night for the Harlem Wizards game. Buy your tickets in advance. And if you have a young player in your family who enjoys basketball, then find a way to reserve a Wiz Kid jersey so that your child can participate in this wonderful event. It’s been far too long, because of the pandemic. And this Thursday will be the perfect time.

Tickets are $ 12 for students and adults, general admission ($ 15 at the door); $ 25 for special reserved seats near the field with a free team poster, perfect for autographs; $ 45 for reserved seats on the court, the pre-game meeting with the players, the souvenir lanyard, the color team photo for the autographs and a $ 10 discount on a replica of the Wizards jersey at wear during pre-game warm-ups and group photos. The Wiz Kid replica jersey costs $ 45 and the experience includes pre-game warm-ups, a grand entrance and a group photo with the Wizards, and you can pick up your jersey during the game (a ticket is always required). If you buy the ticket for the court, the Wiz Kid replica jersey costs $ 35.

Although the Wiz Kid experience costs a little more, remember that this is a fundraiser for your children’s school and you are creating some great memories for your family.

While my daughter was a Wiz Kid in 2016 and 2018, the second year thinks she’s too old to be a Wiz Kid this year, but she encourages the younger ones to participate, as she did.

Even if you’re not a Wiz Kid, it’s so much fun watching our teachers and principals play basketball against the Wizards. Fittingly, the head coach is District Superintendent Beth Niedermeyer, and her squad is shaping up to be a team that will challenge the Wizards at every opportunity and use their sniper skills to score points in the process.

The fundraiser brings in approximately $ 15,000 annually to support students and educators at Noblesville schools through the Educational Foundation, said Adriann Young, executive director of the Foundation, in recent years. The Foundation was established over 30 years ago to promote, sponsor, fund, organize and implement the programs of the schools of Noblesville and to help individual educators pursue specific educational programs and demands.

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