The University of Utah: Reframing the Conversation Is Coming Back


Equity, diversity and inclusion

September 1, 2021

  • Camden Alexander, Opinion Writer, The Utah Daily Chronicle
  • Kathleen Spencer Christy, Ph.D., Educational Advisor
  • Edmund Fong, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chairman, Division of Ethnic Studies and Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
  • William A. Smith, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman, Department of Education, Culture and Society and Professor, Division of Ethnic Studies
  • Moderator: Stuart Culver, Ph.D., Dean, College of Humanities

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion strives to contribute to a learning ecosystem by hosting annual and monthly events aimed at educating all of its participants on various aspects of experience and identity. Recading the Conversation brings together experts from across campus and the community to spark important conversations about racism, otherness and safety.

“We first launched Conversation Cropping in February 2020 with an in-person panel on Expanding Black Men’s Representation, ”said Mary Ann Villarreal, EDI vice president. September 2020 iteration discussing the experiences of Asian Americans during the pandemic. This academic year, we’re excited to be able to deliver these critical conversations both in person and virtually with other campus partners, covering topics that are hot and relevant to the communities we serve. “

While continuing to identify and remove barriers and incidents of bias targeting the U campus community, continued progress towards an institution where every member has the opportunity to be educated on the efforts of equity, diversity and inclusion will remain at the forefront of EDI’s work.

Community members can join Reframing the Conversation each month and view past events here.

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