The Most Vulnerable Points of Your Home

Break-ins can occur anytime day or night. Some thieves strike during the day when they know a home is unoccupied, while others prefer the cover of darkness. Although many people are investing in cameras and alarms to help protect their home, a determined burglar has a few of their own tricks. What are the most vulnerable access points of your home?

Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding glass door leading from the home to a backyard can be one of the best places for a thief to enter. It is, after all, just glass that can be broken. Slowing a would-be burglar down is one way to make your home less attractive. Most thieves want to get in and out in the least amount of time. If you cover the glass with a window film, it does not stop it from being broken, but it holds the glass together. This means it takes time to remove the glass to get inside.

Another way the sliding glass door is compromised is by not replacing the lock with a stronger one. The standard locks that come on these doors can easily be opened. Adding a dowel inside the track to prevent the door from being opened is another way to help make it more difficult for burglars.

Entrance Doors

Many entrance doors have weak spots. This can include the hinges, the strike plate, and the lock. Everyone wants entrance doors to look attractive, but it is possible to have protection as well as a good look. Choosing security doors in Denver, CO offered by Master Security Center can provide the added safety you need.

One way to prevent someone from tampering with the hinges to gain entry is to have a door that opens inward. Covers can be installed around the lock hardware to make it harder for thieves to break in the door. As for the strike plate, one simple way of making it more effective is to use longer screws when installing it to the door jamb. This will help if a thief tries to force their way into the home by applying force to this area of the door.