The first looks turn heads, Cali starts up


First looks turn heads, Cali starts up | Behind the scenes (Ep. 3)

Jul 23, 2021

Watch The Upstage (Ep. 3) on FloMarching with hosts Josh and Luke Gall describing the latest news from the walking activity!

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The Upstage is the latest show coming to FloMarching, covering the 2021 DCI season and all things walking arts! Tune in weekly to see Josh and Luke Gall take stock of the latest news and updates from the Drum and Bugle Corps, and go head-to-head on different topics each week.

About the host – Josh Gall

Joshua Gall is Associate Director of the Longhorn Band and Director of the Longhorn Pep Band at the University of Texas at Austin. At the Butler School of Music, he also teaches university courses in conducting, wind band literature, and marching band methods, holding the rank of assistant professor of practice.

Professor Gall previously taught in public schools in Virginia and Florida, where the ensembles he led were chosen for VMEA, FMEA, and Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic. In addition to his work in public schools, he has regularly designed and taught some of the best walking ensembles in the world. His extensive experience in the walking arts has enabled him to work with the ten-time World Champion Cadet Drum Corps, Genesis Drum Corps and Bluecoats Drum Corps where he is currently on staff.

As an enterprising musician, Professor Gall actively contributes to the music industry as the co-founder of Ultimate Drill Book which supports programs such as The Bluecoats, Santa Clara Vanguard, Carolina Crown and thousands more. academic and professional walking programs around the world.

Professor Gall holds degrees in Music Education and Conducting from Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Florida, where his principal conducting professors were Dr Terry Austin, Professor Daniel Myssyk and Dr David Waybright.

About the host – Luke Gall

Luke received his bachelor’s degree in music education from Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree in euphonium performance from the University of Texas at Austin.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Ultimate Drill Book, a company that creates educational tools for walking sets. Since its founding in 2010, Luke has led the development of all products that support thousands of schools, colleges and drum corps in North America, Europe and Asia.

Luke has extensive experience in the arts as a coordinator, designer, teacher and performer. His designs have helped more than 50 programs receive top honors in BOA (Bands of America), WGI (Winter Guard International), USBands and TOB (Tournament of Bands) events. He was responsible for the visual legend for Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps in 2015, and he performed as a member of the Cadets, Crossmen and Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps in 2005-2009.

Luke was recently appointed artistic director of Rhythmic Force Percussion, a nonprofit percussion ensemble based in Austin, Texas. He is part of the design team while overseeing the creative direction and marketing of the organization. Luke previously served as an exercise designer with Rhythmic Force and helped lead them to their first appearances in the WGI World Championship Finals.

Luke’s experience as a media creator and consultant has led to working with companies and musical groups across the world. Luke recently worked with Perform International in over 20 countries to create content for musical groups. Her professional work, as well as her home videos, have racked up millions of views on YouTube and social media platforms. Luke was also a media coordinator for groups at the University of Texas at Austin, where he produced over 100 videos and a feature documentary.

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