Supervisor of Niskayuna, candidates for city council outline their main concerns


Both incumbent and new candidates seek to fill three of the four seats on the Niskayuna City Council as well as the post of City Supervisor during this electoral cycle. There is also a special race to fill Rosemarie Perez Jaquith’s former seat following her resignation on July 1.

The outcome of the election could cede control of the city, which has a 4-1 Democratic grip with supervisor Yasmine Syed as the only Republican, to the GOP.

Syed announced on March 31 that she would not seek re-election. Instead, she will move to Syracuse where her husband is currently stationed.

City Supervisors Race
Republican and Conservative candidate Hamayun “Joey” Faizy faces Democratic and working class candidate Jaime Lynn Puccioni for the position of supervisor.

Faizy, a US Army veteran, grew up in Schenectady after his family immigrated to the United States from Afghanistan as refugees, he said. A father of four, he has coached little league soccer and t-ball teams in the city. He is a real estate agent for Berkshire Hathway, in addition to owning and managing various properties and other investments. If elected, he said he plans to quit his job and work full time as a city supervisor.

Puccioni, Associate Professor of Literacy Teaching and Learning at the University of Albany School of Education, is vice chair of the Niskayuna Racial Equity Task Force. She has lived in the city since 2013.

Both candidates’ campaigns focus on improving parks and public safety in the city.

Faizy, as part of his plan “Better build Niskayuna”, wants to create a committee with volunteer sports league officials who will act as liaison officers with the city council on issues relating to parks and sports grounds. . It would address issues such as puddles forming on sports fields, upgrading the Blatnick Park box that is used for box lacrosse, and ensuring that soccer and football fields have landscaped landscaping. appropriate.

Puccioni said she wanted to preserve green spaces in city parks. Other initiatives include stocking fish in the pond in Blatnick Park and holding an annual fishing tournament, improving Lock 7 Park and the boat launch, creating a space for small dogs at the dog park and the construction of more multi-use trails for walking and biking, she said.

Both candidates are also keen to address the issue of speed in the city, an issue residents have continued to raise over the year.

“I will prioritize working with Schenectady County and New York State to reduce speed limits and invest in speed bumps and other speed reduction infrastructure to make our streets safer “Faizy said, noting that he had seen speeding in his own neighborhood.

Puccioni said she would work with police to determine which neighborhoods have speed issues and how best to resolve them.

This plan should include a study of traffic and electronic speed signs that simultaneously collect data for analysis and subsequent decision making, ”she said.

Faizy and Puccioni will also seek to work with the police department in other ways. Faizy said he would restore the workforce and ensure officers receive the necessary training. Puccioni said she wanted to work with the ministry to implement the recommendations for police reform and adopt strategies to boost morale.

Faizy also said he would not view the supervisor’s role as a part-time job and would make the municipal government transparent.

“I will work to eliminate unnecessary expenses and fight for our fair share of sales tax revenues so that I can better build Niskayuna,” he said.

Puccioni also wants to have economic impacts by finding ways to increase home values, stabilize property taxes, attract more businesses by working with Metroplex, and create a budget that limits the use of the fund balance. . She also wants to work on the ten-year revision of the city’s master plan.

City council races
Democratic city council members John Della Ratta and Denise Murphy McGraw are both seeking re-election to council. McGraw also runs on the Working Families Party line while Della Ratta also runs on the Conservative Party line.

Della Ratta is a lawyer and works part-time for the Schenectady County Public Defender’s Office. He is running for his third term on the board of directors. McGraw, who is a partner in lobbying firm Hill, Godseck & McGraw, is running for his fourth term.

Della Ratta said he wanted to continue looking for new developments in the city while retaining his character. If re-elected, he said he wants to review more contracts with suppliers to ensure the city operates efficiently, addresses traffic issues and invests in parks and other city facilities.

McGraw, if re-elected, wants to get a grant for a new recreation and senior citizen center, hire someone to deal with human resource issues rather than hiring a consultant, alleviate traffic issues by town and resolve drainage issues at Blatnick Park and town baseball. the fields.

Della Ratta and McGraw take on Jason Moskowitz and Susan Walker, who will feature on the Republican party line. Walker also runs on the Tory Party line, while Moskowitz runs on the community leader ticket as well.

Moskowitz, a 13-year-old volunteer firefighter with Niskayuna Fire District No.1, is running for his first term on the board. He is currently serving his fifth term as president of the fire company. He was also a Schenectady County Public Safety 911 dispatcher for nine years.

Walker is also running for his first term on the board. She is an occupational therapist at home and moved to Niskayuna eight years ago.

Moskowitz is running to bring fairness and transparency back to the city, he said. He said he also wanted to tackle speed and traffic issues, ensure that municipal services have sufficient funding, implement policies to develop the community while maintaining its character and ensuring that the city preserves the environment.

Walker said she wanted to work with other board members to create a fiscally sound budget that doesn’t create high taxes for residents or businesses. She said she also wanted to improve the park’s infrastructure, resolve traffic issues, and ensure that the police department and other city employees are supported in their work.

Democratic and Working Families candidate Jessica Brennan and Republican and Conservative Party candidate Dave Feiden are vying to fill Jaquith’s unexpired term.

Brennan is running for his first term. She is the founder of Nisky NOW (Nutrition on Weekends), which feeds 80 food insecure families every week. She is also the founder of Nisky Attic, a virtual space where community members can help meet the clothing needs of students and families.

Feiden is also running for his first term on city council. He ran for the 110th Assembly seat last year, after spending 15 years working in the State Assembly.

Brennan will seek to address the city’s issues regarding mental health needs, supporting emergency responders with training in de-escalation and behavioral health, facility maintenance, traffic issues and accessibility and safety. safety of the elderly.

Dave Feiden plans to help the police department keep the city’s residents safe, keep taxes below the tax cap and preserve access to the waterfront and the Erie Canal.

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