South Park: Post COVID – Where All The Characters End Up


Let’s dive into the 1-hour South Park: Post Covid Special and see everyone reunite decades later as the pandemic takes a new turn.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for South Park: Post Covid, now streaming on Paramount +.

One of the things South Park is not really inclined to do is to present the children of the snowy Colorado town as teenagers or adults. It helps build the mystique, leaving fans wondering if they’re really in a time loop caused by Kenny’s death, or if they’re stuck forever. Theories aside, it adds to the fun of the show because we love to see them have tantrums and go on. However, this changes drastically in the South Park: Post Covid special, so let’s take a look at where everyone ends up decades later as the pandemic abates.

Kenny becomes a tragic genius

Kenny becomes tragic scientist in South Park: Post Covid

Kenny’s death is the catalyst for the South Park special, because it left clues about what triggered COVID-19 and a possible cure. Turns out Kenny has gone from a trailer park villain to a genius scientist, who’s made millions. He creates technology, runs a lab, and then tries to time travel to uncover the secrets of the virus, but sadly, an unmasked journey has seen him contract coronavirus and die.

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Stan becomes a bitter failure

Stan loses family in South Park: Post Covid

Stan has left Tegridy Farms and is not even on good terms with Randy, his father, as he tries to survive away from South Park. He’s an online whiskey consultant, but he neglects his wife, causing many brawls. She’s actually his Alexa, manifesting in the form of a hologram, who throws harsh, profane beards at him in order to find out why Stan hates his past.

Kyle has no success with start-ups

Kyle botches start-ups in South Park: Post Covid

Stan returns home to deal with Kenny’s death after Kyle calls him. As they catch up, Kyle admits he does stuff with start-ups, but is clearly lying that everything is going well. We don’t have much more information about his business or family, but it ties into an old episode where Kyle was concerned that startups were lies to drain investors and fool the public.

Cartman is the perfect Jew

Cartman becomes the perfect Jew to annoy Kyle in South Park: Post Covid

Cartman matured in his forties, becoming a rabbi in a family. They are even more devoted to the Torah, but while Kyle thinks this is all a ruse, it turns out that Cartman is genuine and indeed happy. Oddly enough, his sex addicted wife is similar to Kyle’s mother, but it is only a coincidence as Cartman shows Kyle the life he could have had in what is a dark sense of irony.

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Randy is in the Shady Acres nursing home

South Park post covid swamp

Randy is in the old house in Shady Acres, angry with the world, especially Stan. He’s in a wheelchair, furious that Stan left him after a fire killed Shelly (Stan’s sister). Stan’s mother took her own life afterwards, but Randy was mainly concerned with how his weed crop farm had gone wrong. He and Stan are constantly arguing because Stan hates the way Randy pushed his mother to divorce, but they try to redeem themselves because Randy holds secrets about what caused COVID.

Jimmy becomes a comedian and late-night host

Jimmy becomes awake comedian in South Park: Post Covid

Jimmy Valmer has always dreamed of being a comedian, despite being on crutches and telling bad stand-ups throughout the series. Now he actually hosts a late night show, similar to Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. But his jokes aren’t mean – they’re educational, alert, and kind, because he wants his comedy to change the world; away from his meanest punchlines as a kid.

Where do other South Park characters end up after COVID?

Token Black is now a cop trying to help with the investigation. Wendy helps too, even though she didn’t marry Stan. Tweak has his weird moments as he saw it with Craig, showing that they are still buddies, as they also ring the bell on Kenny’s death when everyone else is holed up at school following a new outbreak of COVID. As expected, the Main HQ gives the orders, and Clyde is there too, but he’s an anti-vaxxer that annoys everyone.

While a few other characters make cameos around town in non-speaking roles, Scott Malkinson shockingly gets a big arc. He’s a relatively new addition to the series, but seems to have gotten over his diabetes, acting as the town priest and trying to inspire them again with his goofy demeanor. As for Mr. Mackey and Mr. Garrison, they’re also in Shady Acres, with the latter once again making obscene sexual comments to women.

Find out how everyone aged in South Park: Post Covid, now streaming on Paramount +.

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