Solution Consulting Academy Helps Veterans Launch Careers After Service


Dream big. Take risks. Call them the mantras or guidelines of the ServiceNow (SC) Solution Consultant community. Anchored in the DNA of our Solution Consulting Academy, they even play a role in recruiting recruits.

According to Alex H., Director of the Global Solution Consulting Academy, “To make our platform the platform for the 21st century, we need our SCs to set big goals and never settle for less. Reaching them, sometimes, will require taking risks. “

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The Solution Consulting Academy is a five-month career-launching program for CSs, which Alex calls “trusted advisors” and “our sales reps”. They work directly with our account managers to help close deals.

In a nutshell, the academy offers accelerated technical training, certifications, professional development, and hands-on experience. All of this has traditionally taken nine to 12 months. The fast-paced courses ensure that Solution Consulting Academy graduates are effective in the field from day one, says Alex.

The academy’s initial class in 2018 had 18 participants. The following year, the number of registrants rose to 26. This year, the number rose to 42. Alex expects more than 100 registrants in 2022.

In 2020, 93% of the 22 graduates continued in solution consulting at ServiceNow.

Expand to include veterans

The Solution Consulting Academy was originally created to integrate early career talent into the SC organization. This year, he added the veterans subset to the group recruiting recent and active military and reservists to launch their careers after service.

Why veterans? Two reasons:

1. Customer centric

Christine E., vice president of solutions consulting, says veterans understand the jargon, business challenges and the unique nature of our federal business accounts. “They have a lot of respect and trust in these customers because they have served their country and have a unique understanding of them,” she says.

2. The ServiceNow culture

The program is aligned with Veterans at Now, one of our employee home groups. Pete L, Regional Vice President of Solutions Consulting, says giving back is part of our culture. “Veterans are used to helping others and aligning with our vision, values ​​and mission by continuing to serve clients, no matter where they are,” he says.

A focus on relationships

The big question for the first class of veterans is twofold: why the Solution Consulting Academy and why ServiceNow?

We spoke with the current group of registrants, who are expected to graduate in December. Tré B. spent 10 years in the Marines, including four deployments – two tours each in Iraq and Afghanistan – as well as stays in Japan and Korea. He credits our corporate culture as the key to his transition from teaching abroad to joining ServiceNow.

“One of the main things that attracted me was how easy it was to ask for help from anyone in the ServiceNow community. It’s a culture I haven’t experienced since I started working. am in the military, ”he said. “Yes, we are competitive, but we all want everyone to be successful.”

Tré says the academy is relationship-driven and knows he can provide clients with the exact solutions they need. “As a SC, we can work on sales without really talking about money,” he explains. “It’s about giving customers something solid, something amazing, something that will last and something that will solve their business problems. Making customers happy will be incredibly rewarding.”

Sergio H. spent five years in the Air Force and has been in the Reserves for a decade. Since leaving active service in 2010, where he worked as a mechanic on the C-5 Galaxy, Sergio has worked primarily in corporate finance.

“I started to miss the daily pressures of the military and see the fruits of my labor,” he says. “I saw an opportunity in ServiceNow, through SC Academy, to feel more on the front line, adding tangible value to what the company is trying to accomplish.”

Bringing mantras to life

Sergio adds that the concepts of taking risks and dreaming big have undoubtedly resonated with his personality and experience.

“I believe taking risks is stepping out of your comfort zone. Dreaming big is seeing the big picture – what we can accomplish together,” he says. “I always felt a lot better saying ‘We did it’ rather than ‘I did it.’ You don’t accomplish anything substantial as an individual. You have to rely on the other members of the. team. ”

Jeremy W. enlisted in the military at the age of 23 and started out as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician. After five years, he left the military for college, earning a bachelor’s degree in information science.

“What finally convinced me about ServiceNow was that everyone I spoke to during the interview process loved working at ServiceNow,” he says. “Everyone was warm, welcoming and showed a real team spirit. The feeling was only reinforced after my first 60 days here.”

Jeremy says he’s very excited to help companies find value in a product that can ultimately give them more financial flexibility to hire more people and create more jobs. ‘jobs. “Influencing the ability of companies to attract more talent is very rewarding for me,” he says.

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