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RENSELAER – Those in charge of the Collège Saint-Joseph will introduce three new university / college partnerships in the new year.

The University of Saint Thomas (Houston), Calumet College of Saint Joseph, and St. Mary of the Woods College will be offering a handful of programs at the college starting this winter, including cybersecurity, business courses and a variety health care programs.

Saint Thomas and Calumet College will be offering its first classes for free with current tuition fees to make these programs affordable for all students in the future. Scholarships will also be available.

Some courses meet at the new Academic Center in the main building in the center of the campus and some are available online. There is also a mix of classroom and online courses.

For more information on class / program selection, contact Hali Chapman at (219) 866-6000, ext.2022.

SJC continues to provide career-oriented training in its “Plan 128”, including healthcare certification programs that have become popular. These programs include American Red Cross Billing and Coding, EKG, Certified Nursing Assistant, Clinical Medical Assistant, and Phlebotomy.

More than 60 students have obtained health care certifications since the campus reopened, and 21 students are currently participating in these courses.

Ivy Tech is also present on the SJC campus, offering general education courses such as “Introduction to Interpersonal Communications”, “English Composition”, “Introduction to Teaching” and “Quantitative Reasoning”.

Other career certification programs are in the works, according to SJC officials, who have invited other institutions to offer their programs on the Rensselaer campus.

“A lot has been learned since it happened in 2017 in the world of higher education,” SJC said on its website. “For example, the way home is not as easy as flipping a switch and resuming operations. It’s a long and difficult process, as it should be. Saint Joseph’s College is dedicated to the return of accredited programs to the Rensselaer campus.

The college continues to recover from its decision to close in 2017 due to financial difficulties. Its three-year plan, released in 2020, includes hosting degree programs from other schools starting in fall 2021 and creating student activity and traffic on the 180-acre campus over the next three years. before starting the application process by spring 2024 to retrieve accreditation. the college dropped out due to large debt and declining enrollment.

College officials have asked local communities and alumni to donate to SJC ahead of the Giving Tuesday event on November 30.

“A theme developed in 2017 that the college is like the Phoenix rising from the ashes,” SJC said in its November newsletter. “What is happening now is a testament to the fact that the Phoenix is ​​starting to rise. Collège Saint-Joseph looks forward to the support and partnership of the community as we make it a state-of-the-art institution for the 21st century.

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