“Seven new educational establishments will be created in Islamabad”


Islamabad: Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said on Friday that Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government would establish seven new educational institutions, which was a historic achievement.

Responding to a question in the Senate, the minister said that there are a total of 424 educational institutions, including primary, secondary and public colleges in Islamabad. He was responding to a question from Senator Fauzia Arshad.

He said the total number of public sector institutions under the Federal Directorate of Education in Islamabad was 424. Of these, 410 institutions were from primary to upper secondary level, including model colleges. Islamabad, which also had primary and secondary education sections, he added. .

The total number of students studying at primary level in federal government institutions under the Federal Directorate of Education, based on the census carried out in 2020, is 86,909, while an additional 10,339 students are enrolled in pre-primary classes (Prep / Montessori). .

About 196,081 students are enrolled in private schools in Islamabad, registered with PEIRA. There are 248 community schools of non-formal basic education in the capital territory of Islamabad which provide primary education to the most disadvantaged segments of society under the aegis of the Ministry of FE&PT.

Currently, 7,356, including 3,691 men and 3,665 women, are enrolled in BECS schools. According to the Academy of Educational Management and Planning, Pakistan Education Statistics Survey 2017-18, around 6,260 children were out of school in the capital territory of Islamabad.

Senator Irfan ul Haq Siddiqui, Ali Muhammad, informed that 230 new classrooms are under construction in 31 institutions in the federal capital. On another question from Senator Mushtaq Ahmed on the scholarship program for students from tribal areas and Balochistan, the Minister of State informed the Senate that 793 seats have been increased for students from tribal areas and Balochistan.

In a recent development, 36 seats were increased in the KPK for students from tribal areas and Balochistan, he added. He said this is an ongoing problem and efforts have been made to help students in tribal areas and Balochistan.

The KPK government was trying to fulfill its duty, he added. We want support from Punjab and Sindh to facilitate students from tribal areas and Balochistan. The time has come to create new medical schools in Balochistan so that students from the province can be admitted to their own region, he added.


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