Scandal in Peru: they found 20 thousand dollars in the bathroom of the presidential secretary at the government palace


The secretary of the president of Peru Bruno Pacheco He was embroiled in a scandal after being found in the bathroom of his private office at the government palace in Lima 20 thousand dollars in cash.

The money was found on Friday by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office local, who conducted proceedings at the Government Palace in connection with an investigation into allegations of influence peddling by the official.

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Scandal in Peru: how they found $ 20,000 in the office of the secretary of the presidency

Asked about the origin of this amount, the president’s henchman Pedro Castillo, I affirm that It was the product of his savings and his salary of 25,000 soles (about $ 6,200) gross per month, which he has been earning for just over three months. The dossier issued by also indicates that Pacheco voluntarily authorized the manufacture of photocopies of the tickets for the investigations.

After this episode and the commanders general of the army and the air force resigned and They will alert you to pressures and interference in the promotions of the Armed Forces to favor relatives of the president, the same Friday, the official resigned from his post.

Despite this, Pacheco He was still in office until Tuesday, the appointment of his replacement has not yet been formalized.

Who is Bruno Pacheco

Bruno Pacheco Castillo, 51, originally from Lima, was appointed Secretary General of the Presidency on July 29, 2021. According to his affidavit and curriculum vitae which appear on the government website, he had never previously held no civil service.

According to the Register of political formations (POR), since 2009, is a member of the party we are peru. However, in September 2020 he attempted to join the Peru Free party but was unable to do so as he maintained his affiliation with the other front.

On the other hand, he was also a secondary school teacher in the specialty of Biology and chemistry. He was part of the Education Management Unit (UGEL) 7 of 1998. He has also been a professor of physics, engineering design and financial mathematics at the Chorrillos Military School since 2005. Finally, he was responsible for the selection and training of company personnel. VIGARZA BAG.

Before being secretary of the Presidency, Pacheco integrated the government transfer team and the government transfer team Ministry of Education.

Who could replace Bruno Pacheco at the Peruvian presidential secretariat

Who has the best chance of taking the job, according to local media, is Carlos jaico, former candidate for the Congress of the center-right party Alliance for Progress (APP).

Jaïco, consultant and lawyer, announced on Tuesday that he had applied for a temporary license in the party led by the businessman Caesar Acuna. News that names Jaico as the president’s new secretary has caused unease among Peru Free party leader Vladimir cerron, with the formation of which Castillo won the presidential elections.

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“If it is true that Carlos Jaico assumes the general secretariat of the Palace, we would be before an Acuña-Castillo co-government. This would generate irreversible popular unrest, ”Cerrón warned on social networks.

The leader of Free Peru, who was not a presidential candidate for having current corruption convictionHe felt his claim was proven when he learned that another former Alliance for Progress candidate in Congress had been appointed to head the Transport and Communications Department’s advisory cabinet.

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