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AUSTIN, MINNESOTA, USA, November 30, 2021 / – When we are faced with challenges, how do we react? Do we fall apart, react in a way we later regret, or respond in a way that makes a connection with those around us? Because life brings the unexpected, resilience, the ability to cope and adapt, not only helps us cope better with life stress, but improves the way we present ourselves to others and even to ourselves. themselves, especially in the midst of challenges. So what is it that builds capacity, that greater resilience to face both professional and personal challenges? What if we could actually thrive instead of just surviving the challenges we face?

Sandy is an organizational consultant and professional coach and founder of Sandy Anderson Consulting and Coaching. Her work is focused on bringing evidence-based practices and strategies to create action-oriented conversations that transform the way we lead, live and love.

“The core of my work is focused on building resilience by serving organizations, teams and individuals through my training, my retreats, my tools and my coaching,” says Sandy. To design their life and their work with less regret and more intention.

Weaving a wealth of knowledge, passion, training and diverse life experiences into her practice, Sandy guides clients to discover increased confidence, self-awareness and practical strategies to be a better version of themselves. at the tables they influence and impact.

“Resilience isn’t just about bouncing off a difficulty, it can also feel like crawling slowly, but relentlessly toward balance and realignment,” says Sandy. “Understanding capacity and how it relates to the disruptions and detours we all face is an important part of fostering resilience in our organizations, teams and personal well-being.

Sandy’s ultimate mission, her WHY, is “to create spaces where people can explore potential, develop vision and initiate a strategy to live and work with greater resilience”. Design conversations that invite to experiment with potential and design strategies that clients can leverage to create organizational cultures and team environments rooted in resilience.

Through professional interactive training, speaking, writing and coaching, Sandy guides clients through exploring the elements that build resilience, which increase capacity, especially in the midst of a challenge . This work directly influences recruitment, retention and engagement at a time when all three are undergoing upheavals and unexpected changes on a daily basis.

An effective tool for increasing resilience that has been used with great success by hundreds of clients is the principles of the table â„¢. Because cultures and organizational environments are created by our collective and individual habits and behaviors, the principles of the table offer a concrete starting point. The Ten Principles, Prompts, and Practices invite us to discover what behaviors are helpful or can sabotage the way we work and our relationships with those with whom we work. The very people we need to accomplish the mission of the organization.

“As a leader and life coach, I recognize that the way we lead in our workplace has an impact on how people come home to their families,” says Sandy. “Likewise, the choices we make in our individual lives influence how we lead so that these two worlds merge. The way we live has an impact on the way we lead. We have seen this merger happen in 2020 like never before, a fluid and continuous influence between home and work. “

“Organizations of all sizes, for-profit or not, do not have the capacity to [time, energy and finances] committing to a “new workplace culture agenda” that is fading like other “fakes of the month” that are lost and rejected due to irrelevance. Management and those under their charge do not have the mental bandwidth for a one-stop, comprehensive training that does not bring about the desired lasting change in behavioral areas, either individually or collectively as a team.

“They crave simplicity and practical, sustainable strategies that have created the everyday conversations that transform the way we present ourselves at the tables we influence or even if we present ourselves. This is what I am proposing, simple strategies have a big impact as they identify what they want their work and life to look like, feel and function, then explore what will move them forward towards that vision! “

Close Up Radio to feature Sandy Anderson in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday, December 2 at 11 a.m. EST

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