Sandbox and Kelaniya University launch partnership to improve student skills and close local skills gap


Kelaniya University and Sandbox Consultancy Services have taken a historic step by offering their students international standard skills training and skills development, as well as assessments and digitized skills profiles. The program will be launched by the Faculty of Management and Business and cascaded to encompass all faculties of the University over the next five years.

The launch of this project was marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two organizations on 1 June.

As part of the partnership, Sandbox will equip the University with a structured, long-term curriculum and access to its faculty with expert resources and facilitators, online skills assessments and people analytics platforms. . The aim of the program will be to address the skills gap currently seen in Sri Lanka by incorporating the same rigorous development standards seen in the corporate sector at student level.

Additionally, Sandbox will actively support the University in developing the skills of University faculty members and providing them with state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to foster learning and development.

Sandbox, an industry leader in the field of human capital and talent development in Sri Lanka, currently caters to many conglomerates, multinationals and large private and public listed companies in the development of leadership skills, management and leadership. The organization pioneered locally developed digitized assessments and people analytics currently used by major organizations in the region.

“We are truly honored to partner with the University of Kelaniya on this historic platform. I believe that the University of Kelaniya and its Faculty of Management and Commerce have seized this opportunity at a critical time in Sri Lanka’s journey.

The key to Sri Lanka’s development lies in empowering and developing its youth and the next generation of leaders, public and private sector employees at the earliest possible stage of their development. Our vision for developing the Sri Lankan talent pool has been to bring international development standards and corporate training directly to undergraduate level. We believe providing them with this level of training and exposure early on will exponentially increase their ability to deliver better and more innovative solutions to the private and public sectors. In addition, it is imperative that data and analysis be incorporated into the assessment of these skills and abilities. The need for data-driven decision making has never been more critical than it is today.

Ultimately, it is about securing the future of our young people and giving them the best possible chance to develop Sri Lanka,” said Angelo de Silva, Managing Director and Principal Consultant of Sandbox Consultancy Services.

The University of Kelaniya is one of the leading and prestigious universities in the country, ranked third in Sri Lanka by the World University Rankings. Having recently celebrated 60 years of excellence, they have pioneered a number of new developments in higher education over the past four decades. Producing over 3,000 graduates each year, across seven different faculties, including 56 academic departments, offering programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The mission of Kelaniya University’s Faculty of Business and Management Studies, which worked very quickly to launch this initiative, is to “produce academically and professionally competent personnel to occupy leadership positions in organizations, create an entrepreneurial culture and broaden the horizon of knowledge relating to the discipline of business and management.

Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management Studies, Dr. Narada Fernando, said, “We are delighted to sign this MoU with Sandbox Consultancy Services Ltd., as we believe this collaboration will create a form enabling our undergraduate students to seize industry opportunities by developing their interpersonal skills”. Furthermore, Professor Ruwan Abeysekera, Head of Department of Finance, Faculty of Business and Management Studies, said, “I believe this MoU will help improve the soft skills of our undergraduate students. and improve their employability in the industry.”

This partnership stems from a shared philosophy of producing high-quality, well-rounded graduates ready to face the rigors of today’s working world. While many academic purists focus on knowledge and qualifications, there is a marked gap in students’ abilities to display the attitude, aptitude and skills needed to adapt and perform in highly demanding workplaces. performers today, both locally and globally.

Given the wealth of talent available here, Sandbox and Kelaniya University remain committed to empowering and enabling Sri Lankan students to shine brighter in all the roles they pursue and be on par, if not better, than global standards.


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