Rusty Volk honored as Wisconsin Friend of Fair Award 2021


EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – Rusty Volk, executive director of the Northern Wisconsin State Fair in Chippewa Falls, has received a special award.

Volk was named one of the 2021 Wisconsin Association of Fairs Friends of the Fair Award. He’s been organizing the biggest rally in Chippewa Falls for 14 years.

Being born and raised on a farm becomes a part of you, especially for Volk.

He says caring about animals, caring about his neighbors and caring about his community was always something he was passionate about growing up.

“So I think about some of these things, some of my life experiences as well as my passion for helping the community, my passion for helping people, especially in agriculture, and keeping agriculture relevant,” Volk said.

This motivation brought him to where he is today. He had a major impact on the Chippewa Falls Fair over the years.

Volk says this year the fair will focus heavily on providing educational opportunities for those in attendance.

“We’re expanding our fair for 2022 to six days instead of five days and the reason for that is we’re getting more animals coming to the show and we’re getting more youth programs,” he said. . “We want to expand our youth programs. Let’s open the door for all youth organizations to have an educational type of curriculum, program, club, group, whatever. Understand what agriculture is.

Volk says that without a fair, there wouldn’t be as much economic or educational impact for the community.

The 2022 Northwest Wisconsin State Fair is scheduled for July 12-17. For more information, you can visit the Northern Wisconsin State Fair (

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