RFA fails and most school district measures pass in early election results


Early votes show the formation of the Central Grays Harbor Regional Fire Authority is once again in jeopardy following the first results of the special election in February.

When election figures were first released, voters in Aberdeen and Hoquiam approved of the FRG, but lagged behind the 60% needed to form the new district. Aberdeen voters show 53.39 per cent approval, with Hoquiam voters slightly more in favor at 55.31 per cent

In November, after the votes were certified, Aberdeen showed 60.67% approval to Hoquiam’s 57.94%.

Early general election results had both cities with over 59% approval in the early results.

Local school levies drop massively from Tuesday’s results.

  • Cosmopolis voters in approval of their educational programs and operations levy hold a 61.48% majority at the initial count.
  • The Elma School District has 53.14 percent of the votes in favor of its replacement for educational programs and the operations tax.
  • A replacement for the expiring educational programs and operations tax in Hoquiam got 57.81% Yes votes in early results.
  • Mary M Knight voters show 57.19% yes votes in the county’s combined early results for their school enrichment levy. Counting only the limited Grays Harbor voters, 63.3% are in favour.
  • Quinault voters are in favor of educational programs and the operation’s replacement tax for the school district with a 65.27 percent majority so far.
  • In Satsop, the Alternative Education Programs and Operations Tax was approved at 75.26% on Tuesday.
  • Taholah voters, all 43 who were counted as of election night, are in favor of their levy on the school curriculum with 69.77% approval.
  • Wishkah residents have 71.71% positive votes for educational programs and operations and an enrichment tax.

However, not all school districts approve of their measures.

  • McCleary voters are defeating the education programs and operations tax replacement starting Tuesday. Only about 45% of voters vote yes for the levy, both in Grays Harbor and in the combined county results.
  • “Student Safety” bonds for the construction of a new facility in the North Beach School District are currently failing, with just 40.43% in favor.
  • North Beach voters also frown on a ballot pick, although in a much smaller percentage. 50.54% of votes were against the proposal.

As of Tuesday night, East Grays Harbor Fire & Rescue’s proposal to increase the number of their commissioners from three to five has been moving into the top results. 59.23% of East County voters favor change

Of the 34,926 included in this election, 9,254 had been counted as of Tuesday at 8 p.m. This represents a 26.5% stake.

Election results will continue to be tabulated as officials count votes submitted by the deadline until certification on February 18.


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