Qatar Foundation offers scholarships to encourage young minds to take up teaching as a profession


The Qatar Foundation Pre-University Education has launched a new scholarship program for academically distinguished high school and university students who wish to pursue a career in education or work as educational consultants and educators.

This scholarship has been awarded to three outstanding students who have graduated from Awsaj Academy – a school under the Qatar Foundation (QF) Pre-University Education (PUE) – and are currently studying at universities in the UK with different majors: education; English language; and special educational needs. And after graduating, the three students will join QF as teachers or employees where they will help improve education in Qatar.

“When I got the scholarship, I was thrilled to start a new journey in the field of education and seek to deepen my knowledge in an area that interests me,” said Maryam Al-Abdullah, recipient of the stock market.

Al-Abdullah spoke of her experiences at school that prompted her to study education, especially special needs education. “When I was in school, studying was not easy for me and no one could help me. I moved to five different schools and always felt that I didn’t get along with the other students or that I wasn’t good enough.

“At the time, someone suggested to my mother to have me tested for my learning disabilities. When I was tested, we discovered that I had what is called a non-verbal learning disability, and that’s why I always struggled. After the experience I had, it got me thinking about how other students might struggle like me with an undiagnosed difficulty. Therefore, I wanted to be able to help students find the best way to learn and to be able to get the right education and support,” Al-Abdullah said.

Al-Abdullah’s goal is to become a teacher not just for students with special needs, but for everyone. She believes that everyone deserves a chance to succeed and that with the right tools and the right support, anyone can succeed. “Personally, I see a need to educate people on the subject of special needs education and the need to eliminate the stigma that surrounds it. Special needs are no shame – we are all special and different in our own way,” she said.

Al-Hanouf Ahmed Al-Dosari, another scholarship recipient, said the scholarship was a recognition of her work that she did during her years studying at Awsaj Academy.

“Since graduating, getting this scholarship has been one of my biggest dreams. Fortunately, I was selected as one of the first students to get it, and it motivates me to do my best in my university, as I will try to support the field of education in my country more broadly,” Al-Dosari said.

Al-Dosari pointed out that her father’s view on the importance of education, his enthusiasm and encouragement for her encouraged her to choose this field and choose the English language. “I believe that education in Qatar has developed compared to what it was in the past, and I hope that my colleagues and I will help support the education sector through different specializations and help members of our community to get the most out of it.”

When Fatima Hassan Al Hammadi received the news of her award, she felt that all her hard work had finally paid off. “I chose to go into education because I know change will happen just by trying to hear the voices of students and how we can help them improve,” Al Hammadi said.

“My goal is to leave a positive imprint on the education system in Qatar, and I would like to be a teacher or consultant for children with special needs. I will always strive to contribute to the development of the education system in Qatar. For example, I will try to provide an environment that motivates students to talk about their mental health and raise awareness about it to make schools a safe environment for all types of students.


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