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Warning! SPOILERS for Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop

by netflix Cowboy Bebop is an Easter egg galore, stuffed with references to ’90s anime and other sci-fi classics. Translate the unique and indescribable atmosphere of Cowboy Bebop live-action is indeed a mammoth undertaking, given that the anime’s fanbase is forced to dig deeper into the live-action portrayals of Cowboy Bebopiconic characters from, intergalactic locations, and futuristic yet old-school dark elements from the series. With John Cho, Mustafa Shakir and Daniella Pineda in the main trio of Spike, Jet and Faye respectively, Cowboy Bebop premiered on Netflix on November 19, 2021.


The live-action debut episode, “Cowboy Gospel,” is, of course, the introduction to the colorful world first introduced in the anime, setting the tone for the building blocks of the world, while also referencing to episodes that were part of the original show. References to anime characters are rife, especially when it comes to bonuses, ranging from Maria Murdoch to Udai Taxim. As well as framing its episodes from an anime perspective, the adaptation also adds new context to familiar characters and situations, expanding the stories and trying to fill in gaps left vague or unanswered.

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Series showrunner André Nemec advised viewers to look everywhere for Easter eggs and references, from “backgrounds, corners” To “mugshots and names.Some references are quite simple, such as the C’est la Vie billiard hall converted into a bowling alley in episode 8, “Sad Clown A-Go-Go” and a photo from Cherious Medical, the Vincent Volaju medical experimentation center. ‘escape from. Here are some of the most important references and Easter eggs in the live-action Cowboy Bebop, as well as a few that blink and miss you.

Watanabe Casino

In episode 1 of Cowboy Bebop, Tenji Tanaka and his gang infiltrate the Watanabe casino in an attempt to steal the establishment’s money from its digital reserves. This, of course, is a nod to the director of the original series, Shinichirō Watanabe, who acted as a consultant during the making of the series. Watanabe’s name can also be seen on gambling chips and other miscellaneous properties that belong to the casino.

Spike Flip 50-Woolong

When Spike arrives to disrupt Tanaka’s operations at the casino, he casually walks around the room, cool as a cucumber, in typical Spike Spiegel fashion. When asked what he thinks he’s doing, Spike holds up a 50 yarn coin and says he’s just here to place a bet, before tossing it in the air and giving it a kick. foot to injure a gang member in the head. The reverse of the coin reads: “Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space,“which is a cool Easter egg and a tribute to the real cosmonaut.

References to the music composer, Yoko Kanno

The creative team of Cowboy Bebop had a tacit understanding from the start that an adaptation of Cowboy Bebop would be incomplete without Yoko Kanno’s iconic score. As a result, Kanno’s work touches on all aspects of the adaptation, in which his scores warm up the vibe and aesthetics of certain scenes and lend gravity to the characters in a unique and fascinating way. When Spike meets Ana in the episode “Venus Pop”, a photo of Kanno can be seen in his nightclub office as a tribute to the composer. Apart from that, when the Disruptor makes a hole in Watanabe’s casino, the shot that hovers over objects floating in space offers a glimpse of an establishment named Kanno Karaoke. A bonus Easter egg is an RSP sign, which stands for Rising Sun Pictures, creators of the visual effects for the series.

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Details on Spike’s blue costume

There are a few details hidden in Spike’s memorable blue suit, which he dons throughout the series. The costume’s silver buttons feature the sign, which is the Kanji symbol for water. This water symbolism is also reflected in her trophy belt buckle, as it features a Japanese wave, a possible reference to Bruce Lee’s quote to clear his mind and flow freely like water. It fits in with Spike’s state of mind and manners, as he sports a laid back and laid back demeanor even in the most tense situations. As a bonus, the inside of his suit jacket features faded rose prints, a reference to Spike’s past with Julia in Cowboy Bebop.

Vicious Cormorant

In the anime, Vicious is always accompanied by his pet Cormorant, who is seen perched on his shoulder most of the time. However, as real animals are rare in the world of Cowboy BebopAs evidenced by Faye’s reaction upon seeing the Welsh Corgi Ein for the first time, the cormorant is naturally lacking in physical form. However, images of cormorants have been incorporated into Vicious’ costumes, ranging from his elaborate brass knuckles with outstretched metal wings, belt buckle, and pistol holster. The scarcity of the existence of real animals also reflects somewhat the circumstances in Blade runner, in which owning a real animal is equated with high social status.

Pierrot Le Fou quotes Roy Batty from Blade Runner

Episode 8, “Sad Clown A-Go-Go” has several references to the anime, from Cherious Medical to Earthland, the amusement park in which Mad Pierrot has a confrontation with Spike, who was called to the origin Spaceland in the anime. When alone in the fun part, The Madman watches an animatronic inside a box called Tongpu, which is another name we used in the anime. In a crazy epic of a soliloquy in French, Le Fou quotes a version of the iconic Batty de Roy “tears in the rain“line at the end of Blade runner, exploring the parallels between Spike’s bounty hunter and Deckard’s blade runner: “I have seen so much that you dead people would never believe. All these moments will be quickly forgotten, like tears in the rain. It is time to die.

The three old men

Antonio, Carlos, and Jobim are three old men often seen throughout the anime, surging through the solar system, having repeated encounters with Spike and the Bebop team. They can be seen in the opening episode of New Tijuana, where Spike asks for a lead on Asimov Solensan, and one of the old men says the fugitive has been injured. This leads Spike to Katerina Solensan, with whom he has a conversation before being interrupted by Faye.

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References to minor anime characters in Cowboy Bebop

Like Netflix Cowboy Bebop remake is an adaptation of most of the central storylines of the original, several characters appear throughout the series. First, there’s Gren, who in the anime was a War of the Titans veteran, but the show features them as Ana’s right-hand man in her nightclub, responsible for overseeing the establishment. and training women for performance. Gren’s non-binary costumes were heavily influenced by David Bowie’s aesthetic, reflected in the straight-cut dresses, ties, and corsets they wear throughout the show. Aside from Gren, there are Lin and Shin, the twins who accompany Vicious most of the time, although their role in the narrative has been greatly reduced, at least in Season 1. Other than that, Dr. Londes of the episode “Brain Scratch” is a central plot point in “Binary: Two-Step,” and Whitney Haggis Matsumoto is revealed to be the con artist who claimed to be Faye’s mother after being thawed from cryo-sleep.

Basically, Netflix Cowboy Bebop is full of Easter eggs and references to the original, most of which can be seen in background images, TV screens, and even kennel combination numbers. For example, a quick glance at the screen showing the terror of the Teddy Bomber places the events of the adaptation in 2171, a hundred years after the timeline of the Cowboy Bebop lively. Also important is rose imagery, embodied in the elegant dresses worn by Julia, her tattoo, and the unforgettable photo of a singular rose tossed over a puddle. Graffiti saying “Free titan”Can be seen, and there are tributes to Tequila Mariachi and Jeet Kune Do, the famous Bruce Lee fighting style that Spike is practicing. Apart from that, the crew of Cowboy Bebop can be seen getting bonus tips from Radical Ed, who makes an appearance in the series’ very ending episode, “Supernova Symphony”.

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