NAFDAC workers go on strike for compensation


On Wednesday, members of the Nigeria Medical and Health Workers Union, a branch of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, went on an indefinite strike.

The union secretary, Mr. Ayodeji Adetoboye revealed this in an interview with The PUNCH.

He said it was a nationwide strike, contrary to some reports that it was only in Lagos and other southwestern states, adding that the Abuja branch and other parts of the country had not received strike notice in time.

“There has been misinformation, that’s why people in Abuja went to work today, Wednesday. This has been resolved. We don’t have a divided union in NAFDAC,” he said.

Adetoboye revealed that a motion had been filed for the union to immediately proceed with an indefinite strike until all its demands are met after an emergency meeting with the Lagos Area Federal Council and the NAFDAC branch of the MHWUN.

Some of the demands of the union, according to him, are that “Congress has frowned upon the prolonged inaction on the payment of promotion arrears for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021; Congress agreed that action was long overdue as all steps to resolve the issue did not receive management’s cooperation.

“The issue of additional allowances was discussed and members of Congress rejected the continued delay in the approval by the National Wages, Incomes and Wages Commission. It was noted that since the NAFDAC salary reduction in 2013, all efforts to address the issue to alleviate the suffering of staff members have ended on the table at NSIWC.

“Congress has raised concerns over the issue of GMP inspection and GMP training which has been hijacked by a few microscopics. call for immediate action to save these poor pensioners.

“Congress disapproved of the recent reversal of the leap by management, as evidenced by the invitation for promotion in the last promotion exercise. Congress demands an immediate return to the status quo.

Also speaking, NAFDAC resident media consultant Sayo Akintola told The PUNCH the strike would be short-lived as the union’s grievances would be taken up by management.

“NAFDAC does not owe a salary. To the best of my knowledge, as part of what they’ve been asking for since the last time this issue came up, it was allowances, so it’s not salary.

“I can’t really say why it wasn’t paid for but you know in an organization as big as NAFDAC there’s usually a process so there’s probably a process to go through but I know that the last time the problem came up, they actually paid for everything and that’s why everything died down at that time and they continued to negotiate with other problems,” he said.


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