Monique Whorton for District 4 School Board Member | Rogersville


Why did you decide to run for this position?

I want to be more involved in my community and since so much of my life experience is in education, the school board seemed like the best place to serve.

Share your education and work history and list any previous political office you have held.

Master of Science in Educational Technology, Georgia State University. Bachelor of Arts in Speech, Georgia State University. Earned a 6-year Tennessee Vocational Teaching License for History 6-12, Voice Communications 6-12, English 6-12, Gifted Education PK-12

Georgia SRT: English 6-12, History 6-12, Gifted Advisory P-12, Gifted Language Arts and Social Studies Concentration, Speech 6-12, passed the GACE in Educational Leadership.

Literacy coach/consultant (8 yrs), instructor at Georgia State University (.5 yrs) and Dekalb County School District (14 yrs overlapping teaching), Georgia teacher (27 yrs).

I have never held any previous political office.

If elected, what would be your main goals and what would you like to accomplish by the end of your first term?

First of all, I would like to see better relations with disadvantaged parts of the county. I live in Beech Creek and the Kepler closure had a major impact on the community. It made me realize that the less populated areas of Hawkins County have a very limited voice in the decision-making process.

As an educator, I believe that an increased focus on disciplinary literacy, which involves the development of literacy in all subject areas, including CTE, is critical to every student’s success. I would bring my solid experience in this field to the district.

Why are you the best and most qualified candidate for this position?

I won’t talk about the “best and most qualified” language. I will not judge others. I am a strong candidate with a lifelong commitment to building strong relationships within schools, districts, and states. This makes me a highly qualified candidate and I would be honored to serve my community.

Speak directly to voters and tell them why they should vote for you.

I believe in our students and teachers. I have spent over 30 years in education, 27 of which as a teacher. I know what it takes to build strong schools. I would devote my time and energy to serving those in the classroom, for that is the first and most important place in any school system.


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