Microsoft 365 proactive governance balances productivity and control


Successful organizations take the time to understand the tools and challenges and create Microsoft 365 governance strategies to meet business needs.

Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies company, Microsoft expert, and an information governance consultant discusses Microsoft 365 governance in a new article. The informative article first asserts that increasingly complex tools require proactive Microsoft 365 governance to achieve optimal results.

The author goes on to argue that organizations must balance productivity and control to avoid an increase in shadow IT. It also advocates clarifying the needs and goals of the business, and then developing a governance plan around those goals on a policy basis.

“Successful organizations take the time to understand the tools and challenges and create Microsoft 365 governance strategies to meet the needs of the business,” said Greg Smith, vice president of service delivery at Messaging Architects .

Here are some excerpts from the article, “Microsoft 365 proactive governance balances productivity and control. “

Balance productivity with control

“In addition to increasingly complex tools, administrators must balance the need for productivity with an ever-changing threat landscape and regulatory pressures. Microsoft 365 governance allows administrators to strictly control user access and automate data sharing and retention policies.

“These controls contribute to safety and compliance. However, too much structure can result in reduced productivity when users have to manage multiple connections and tight controls over sharing. This frustration can trigger an increase in shadow IT as employees find ways to collaborate outside of approved applications. “

Planning leads to success

“This sweet spot of good governance looks different for every organization. Ideally, Microsoft 365 helps businesses solve business problems and achieve organizational goals. To this end, directors must take a proactive approach to designing and implementing an information governance strategy.

Building information governance on a policy basis

“A key tool for managing information to achieve business goals and achieve compliance involves policies. In the case of data retention, for example, Microsoft 365 records management Allows organizations to define data retention at both the folder level and the file level.

Collaborate with experts to optimize governance of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides organizations with powerful tools that connect teams, protect data assets, and support innovation. But powerful tools require fine tuning and careful management. Understanding the available options and configuring them correctly can be difficult.

Messaging Architects’ information governance consultants bring a broad experience in Microsoft 365. From initial assessment to creating effective strategies, understanding the nuances of Microsoft groups, and navigating security and compliance, they provide the expertise business leaders need to be successful.

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