Malden Public Schools Of Malden Massachusetts: Letter from the Superintendent


July 12, 2021

Dear Malden Public School Community,

I hope our students, families, staff and community members have a safe and enjoyable summer. I am writing to share some important updates from Malden Public Schools regarding six hires that we have made to fill key positions in our district.

Below is additional information on each of these six Educational Leaders:

Marie Lucey, Deputy Director of Human Resources
Marie will be entering her 23rd year with Malden Public Schools. Marie began her career in the Technology Department of the Malden Public School District while teaching adult computer evening classes at Malden High School. While in the Technology Department, Marie provided support and training to staff at Malden Public Schools on how to use the newly implemented Student Information System.

In 2004, Marie became a member of the Superintendent’s Office as a Confidential Executive Assistant for Human Resources. In this role, Marie had the privilege of welcoming all new staff to Malden Public Schools. Marie is responsible for the applicant tracking system, onboarding any new staff, maintaining staff records, staff databases, teaching certifications, coordinating the background check process, MPS transcripts, teacher salary reviews, staff attendance, DESE status reports and all HR functions.

Marie looks forward to working closely with and supporting all staff and administration.

Tamara Lawrence, Early Years Administrator
Ms. Lawrence has worked in education for the past 23 years, most recently as the Director of the Special Education Program at English High School in Boston. Prior to that, she was a facilitator / coordinator of the special education educational team and a teacher at the school. She was known to develop strong relationships with her school community, often arriving early and leaving late to ensure that her students‘ needs were met.

Ms. Lawrence also spent two years teaching math inclusion in Baltimore and four years as a paraprofessional at McKinley Vocational High School (now known as McKinley Preparatory High School) in Boston. She began her career as a teacher at Tuskegee Institute Middle School in Alabama.

Ms. Lawrence holds an MA in Special Education from Boston University and a BA from Tuskegee University. We are really excited to see the impact she will have on our early childhood programming here in Malden!

Jennifer McCabe, Director of English Learning and Title III Programs
With over 20 years of experience in education, Ms. McCabe has focused her career on teaching, training and coaching in the area of ​​multilingual learners with disabilities. Here at MPS, she has been an ESL K-12 pedagogical coach, EL principal, special education teacher and protected English immersion teacher.

Ms. McCabe holds an MA in Bilingual Early Childhood Education, for Students with and Without Disabilities, from Lesley University. She holds a certification for teaching WIDA English Language Development Standards and provides guidance for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. She is also the mother of three bicultural children.

This new role fits perfectly with Ms. McCabe’s skills, talents and passion. We are really excited to be moving forward with her as the Director of English Learning and Title III programs!

Emilys Peña, Deputy Superintendent of Program, Education and Assessment
Emilys Peña is from Puerto Rico. She moved to the United States at the age of seven. Ms. Peña is trilingual – tricultural. She is fluent in American Sign Language, English and Spanish. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University with a double concentration in Elementary Education and Deaf Education, and a Masters Degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education with an emphasis on language and l literacy. She studied abroad in Argentina at the Universidad del Plata in Entre Ríos.

As Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum, Education and Assessment, she is committed to changing all forms of oppression, including all “isms” that isolate, disadvantage and disempower marginalized groups. . As a district leader, she will face the uneven results resulting from culturally neutral policies that are not enough to level the opportunities between racial, cultural and linguistic groups.

Ms. Pe̱a has worked for Boston Public Schools for 25 years and has K-12 experience as a teacher, literacy specialist, director of education, vice-principal, district manager and consultant. pedagogic. Her leadership experience spans over 15 years where she has shown her commitment to working with all children, especially with marginalized populations РEnglish learners, special needs, alternative education, deaf / hard of hearing and culturally and students. linguistically diverse.

Laryssa Doherty, Assistant Superintendent of Diversity, Equity and Engagement
Ms. Doherty has been an educational leader focused on building collaborative, inclusive and anti-racist school communities for more than two decades. His passion for public education is fueled by students and families, as well as the collective growth of schools as they strive to be high performing, welcoming and culturally appropriate organizations. She has served students, families, and educators primarily in urban schools in New York City, New Jersey, and Massachusetts with the past 14 years in Boston Public Schools. His educational leadership transformed school communities through strategic adult professional learning and growth, focused student support, and diverse perspectives in decision-making. Ms. Doherty holds a BA and MA in Education from Ithaca College, an MA in Academic Leadership from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and is a doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership and Political Studies at the University. from Boston.

As you can see, we have five incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated admins joining MPS right now. Please join us in welcoming them to our school district community.


Ligia Noriega-Murphy, Superintendent
Malden Public Schools

This press release was produced by the Malden Public Schools of Malden Massachusetts. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.


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