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Carrots, sticks and stumbles

Re: “Activists hope their voices will be heard – leader cites ‘critical needs’ as some say root causes of crime are not addressed,” July 4 news article.

Too many carrots, too few sticks. Too much climate concern, too many contradictory regulations. Too much income inequality, too little recognition of the laws of economics.

Activists want a portion of the cops’ budget for mental health, housing, job training and more. As the past chair of the board of directors of a community behavioral health group, I support spending on mental health – when targeted outcomes are achievable (carrot.) Stick a wet noodle.

Affordable housing? Ask Dallas City Council to increasingly review green building codes, zoning requirements, and impact fees. As a former member of the Dallas Planning and Zoning Commission, I know how much their legislation increases the cost of housing and cooks builders’ carrots.

Family leave, minimum wage, closures? Unless you’re a multi-billion high tech startup, you had better make a profit. Otherwise, why risk your nest egg? The increased costs must be passed on to customers (a never-ending wage / cost spiral) or offset by throwing staff into welfare roles and buying robots.

Dick Monroe, Frisco

Back to the right book

It was good to see the full page article “A Nation Under God” by Hobby Lobby / Mardel on July 4th. Captioned, “Blessed be the nation whose God is Lord” from Psalm 33:12.

The titles of previous presidents, founding fathers, etc., contained quotes that emphasized that the basis of our government and our laws are the truths of the Bible. I am afraid that we have strayed far enough from the ways of the Lord God and that we are in serious trouble if we do not realize it. We are all his children and we must share his love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness with everyone we meet. Anarchy, hatred, road rage, the killings must stop!

Sylvia Griffin, Wylie

Let’s go with the plan

Re: “Renewable Energy is Reliable,” by Debra McCartney, July 1 Letters.

“Renewable energy is reliable” is right. Along with battery storage, it is now the most reliable and cheapest form of energy in history. And these prices will continue to fall until they are “essentially free”. )

The US Jobs Plan, funded by taxing the super-rich, will create a clean energy grid in the 21st century, provide an unlimited supply of solar / wind electricity (with storage) costing less than half the price of fossil fuel by 2030 and it will continue to get cheaper after that. Imagine the economic benefits this will have.

The jobs plan will create 18.6 million local jobs, with union-wide wages and good benefits, resulting in an increase of nearly $ 5,000 in annual household income for Americans in middle class and put an additional $ 1 trillion a year in the pockets of Americans.

Inexpensive, self-driving electric cars powered by clean energy will save the average American family more than $ 5,600 per year. This will put an additional $ 1 trillion a year in the pockets of Americans by 2030.

Clean energy will also save us billions of billions in future climate disasters.

Pete Kuntz, Northglenn, Colorado.

Chipman needs their votes

As a proud gun owner, military veteran, and supporter of the Second Amendment, I support the appointment of David Chipman as the next director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Chipman, also a gun owner, is a retired ATF special agent and explosives expert for 25 years who investigated the 1993 World Trade Center and Oklahoma City attacks in 1995, as well as racially-motivated arson attacks on churches in Alabama that lead to successful prosecutions. He is a gun safety expert who has also been a consultant to the Giffords’ Gun Owners for Gun Safety group since his retirement from the ATF. Senate approval of his appointment would give the office its first director in six years, filling a leadership vacuum that has long weakened ATF’s law enforcement capacity.

More importantly, unlike Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, Chipman does not receive orders from the National Rifle Association. Instead, he vigorously supports common sense gun laws that will reduce gun violence – including background checks for all gun sales.

If you, too, want to see our elected leaders turn the tide of the rise of gun violence in our state and nation, now ask them to take that first small step to protect us and our Second Amendment rights by voting for the appointment of Chipman.

Howard Vestal, Dallas

More work for Cornyn

In 2017, Senator John Cornyn introduced the Fix National Instant Criminal Background Check Act. This bill has strengthened our background check system to better prevent criminals from obtaining guns. The Fix NICS law has become law and works as intended.

The United States Attorney General reported that between April 2018, after the bill came into effect, and August 2019, there was a 6.2% increase in the total number of registrations in the bases. national background check data. This equates to over 6 million additional records added to the system. These records are essential to ensure that our background check system works as intended – to prevent people legally prohibited from purchasing firearms from gaining access to them, to help keep our families and communities safe.

Currently, a bipartisan group of senators are working to secure a deal that addresses the lack of background checks in foreign-to-foreign gun sales. We count on Cornyn to support their efforts to resolve this issue.

Dale Bishop, Highland Park

Pull the SMS drivers

Re: “How many people are caught texting and driving? A look at data from 9 cities since the law came into effect in ’17”, Metro & Business story from July 3.

Only 380 citations since September 1, 2017? Are you kidding me? There could easily be 1,000 a day and without much effort. Texting while driving is an epidemic that must be stopped now and for the benefit of all citizens of the Metroplex.

Jim Welch, Dallas / Preston Hollow

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