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Everyone is familiar with Microsoft Office, and in particular Excel. It’s so ubiquitous that it’s unavoidable. Many love the software for its ease of use and its many features – others hate it for its sterile operation. Whichever side of the love-hate line you stumble upon, there’s no denying that mastering Excel can help you move forward and make it easier on you, whatever your role. Being able to both read Excel spreadsheets and create your own interactive and easily digestible spreadsheets is a skill that can improve your daily outlook. And when you know how to use something, it becomes less of a burden and more (even a little more) a joy.

A good place to start is with Microsoft Excel Professional Certification Training Package. This is a comprehensive series of courses designed to teach you everything you need to know about Excel and its functions. And even better, the Microsoft Excel Professional Certification Training Pack is currently on sale for just $ 51, a small price to pay for improving productivity and work enjoyment.



the package includes eight courses covering 45 hours of content that will take you to an expert level in using Excel. Start with the Excel master class, designed for beginners to progress to advanced users – the rest of the courses in the set will build on this prior knowledge. You can then move on to learning data visualizations using tables and charts, analyzing data with pivot tables, and then covering advanced formulas and functions. Classes are taught by a series of highly rated instructors such as Chris Dutton of Excel Maven, an Excel expert and analysis consultant who has been teaching Excel since 2014 to students in over 150 countries.

the Microsoft Excel Professional Certification Training Pack is currently on sale for $ 51, great value considering you’ll only pay $ 6.40 per included class, valued at $ 259 each.


Prices subject to change.

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