KU releases a collection of instructional videos


The University of Kerala has created a repository of educational videos on various topics which have been prepared by academics including its own faculty.

The KU Padasala, proposed by a committee of experts set up by the university to suggest reforms in the post-COVID-19 period, also offers numerous conferences of national and international experts, including Nobel laureates on a range. of subjects.

Vice-Chancellor VP Mahadevan Pillai said the facility allowed wide reach for lectures from eminent educators who are normally attended by a handful of attendees. “KU Padasala is doomed to become an invaluable learning platform, even beyond the pandemic, not least because it adheres to the university‘s commitment to make knowledge accessible to all”, a- he declared.

Topics covered

Videos now available on YouTube (www.youtube.com/c/KUPadasala) and on the university portal (keralauniversity.ac.in/ku-padasala) cover various fields and disciplines, including aquatic biology, chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, philosophy, archeology, psychology, Malayalam, English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, economics, education, geology, law, political science, sociology, physics and zoology. A unique collection of Malayalam performing arts lectures in Kerala is one of the highlights of KU Padasala.

There are others on career planning, research, employment opportunities, and various labs and equipment at the university. Videos on admission procedures and basic information on issuing certificates were also uploaded.

The process started in 2017

According to Vice-Chancellor PP Ajayakumar, KU Padasala is the result of planning and work that started around 2017 with four major workshops on academic video production and e-learning organized by the School of Distance Education (SDE).

“Teachers were given the freedom to choose their presentation mode to improve spontaneity, clarity and ease of understanding. With new videos regularly added to the repository, it has become a rich resource for personalized learning and for online courses, including Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), ”said Prof Ajayakumar.

S. Nazeeb, moderator of the Union’s standing committee on academics and research, and CA Lal, professor, SDE, were among the catalysts of the initiative which will likely be officially launched by the end of the month.


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