Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood Working Group Begins to Define Roles |


“The more we go into it, the more we likely see more housing, not less in the mix, as well as the technology, innovation, and educational components in mixed use,” Casey said.

Role of the board

In response to a question from Fedyk, Casey said he sees a role for the council moving forward, as the city will serve as an “initial” source of funding, with many other entities expected to have a stake.

“The city will always be at the table, for the simple fact that we own the land,” he said. “How we structure this to get all of these other stakes, build those relationships, and maintain that mission throughout this process (yet to be determined). “

Casey said that before they could work out specific numbers, the city, through administrator John Morrissey, wanted the new KIN board to be established first.

Eventual financial support from the city could come through the formation of a tax increase funding district or “other mechanisms,” Casey said.

“At a minimum, it would be information that would be shared with the council,” he said. “The board would certainly be aware of anything the administration has to offer as to how we move forward with this relationship.”

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