Job: Consultant to review Nigeria’s supply chain policy for pharmaceuticals at the World Health Organization (WHO)


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Schedule: Full time
Organization: AF_NGA Nigeria
Duration of the contract (years, months, days): 30 days
Contractual Arrangement: Individual Service Contractor

Context of the mission

  • The National Commodity Supply Chain Program is an arm of the Food and Pharmaceutical Services Department of the FMOH responsible for harmonizing supply chains, determining policy direction and implementing a strategic plan for the chain. supply chain, including public health and essential medicine supply chains in the country.
  • WHO provided technical assistance to improve visibility and accountability in the supply chain system, including aligning the strategic plan with policy guidance.
  • The National Supply Chain Policy was revised in 2016 while the Supply Chain Strategic Plan was finalized in 2021. There was some non-alignment and new elements introduced in the strategic plan which did not were not addressed in the current policy which requires action to ensure that the policy document and the strategic plan are aligned.
  • The Food and Drug Services Department of the FMOH therefore requested WHO support to review the national supply chain policy.

Object of the mission

  • Produce a revised Nigerian supply chain policy for pharmaceuticals and other health products that is all-encompassing and ensures an effective and sustainable supply chain management system that is measurable and drives positive health outcomes

The NPSMP will establish a technical core group that will support the review process. The technical core group should include government and development partners involved in supply chain work in the country.

  • The consultants will work with the Core Technical Group, NPSMP and WHO to complete the task
  • Perform a desk review of policy documents, guidelines and other documents that may influence supply chain activities in the country
  • Develop a policy brief that will serve as an advocacy tool for state-level engagement, engender endorsement/adoption of the policy for implementation at state and LGA level
  • Lead technical support in the development of deliverables
  • Animation of workshops
  • Support the dissemination of the policy at the national level


  • Develop an inception report detailing how the deliverables will be achieved
  • Validation of Nigeria’s Revised Supply Chain Policy which is aligned with the current National Supply Chain Strategy
  • Nigeria Supply Chain Policy Implementation Plan Validated with Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan
  • Validated policy briefs that will drive policy buy-in
  • Detailed end of consultation report

Number of days and details on how the work is to be delivered (reporting requirement):

  • The consultation period will run from May 2022 to July 2022 with the actual 30 days for each of the consultants.
No / No Activities

Number of days

1st adviser

Number of days

1st adviser

1 Conduct a desk review of policies, guidelines and SOPs, at national and subnational levels, that will support the situation analysis and drafting of the national supply chain policy 7 5 days
2 National Supply Chain Policy Review 7 7
3 Develop the national supply chain policy implementation plan 7 7
4 Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan 2 7
5 Development of policy briefs that will lead to policy buy-in and review of strategies for the policy developed 6 3
6 Detailed end of contract report 1 1
Total 30 days 30 days
Please note that the number of days allocated includes days of meetings and workshops

Indicators to assess the performance of the consultant:

  • Delivery of deliverables on time
  • Transparency and accountability in relation to this mission
  • Quality of the documents produced

Intellectual property:

  • All information relating to this assignment that the consultant may come across and/or produce in the performance of their duties under this consultancy will remain the property of WHO Nigeria who will have the exclusive rights thereto.
  • Except for the purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public or used in any form without the written permission of WHO Nigeria in accordance with applicable national and international copyright laws.

Coordination and reporting requirements:

  • The consultant will work closely with the NPSMP task team, under the direct supervision of the WHO National Professional Officer for Essential Drugs and Medicines as well as the HSS Cluster Lead.

Technical Supervision / Reporting
The selected consultant will work under the supervision of and report to:

  • Cluster coordinator:
    • Dr VIVAS TORREALBA, Claudia Mercedes
    • ULC Group Leader
  • Surveillance:
    • Omotayo Hamzat
    • NPO, HSS/EDM, WHO Nigeria

Qualifications / Expertise sought
Education required, years of relevant work experience, other specific skills or knowledge required:


  • Advanced university degree in pharmacy, public health, global health, business administration or other relevant degree.
  • At least 7 years of demonstrable experience in pharmaceutical services, development and research, strategic and operational review and planning
  • Knowledge of the essential medicines and public health commodities supply chain landscape in the country


  • Familiarity with current debates and approaches to universal health coverage and pharmaceutical research and development on medicines and essential medicines at local, state, national and international levels
  • Experience in developing an implementation and monitoring and evaluation plan
  • Experience working with the United Nations system and/or other international agencies

Financial implications:

  • The consultant will be paid at the daily rate at the NOC step 1 level for the 30 days.
No / No Milestones for payment Percentage to pay Estimated payment date
A Signature of contract and approval of inception report and submission of inception report 20% 5 days
  • End of term review report of current national supply chain policy
  • Draft costed supply chain policy, its implementation plan and monitoring and evaluation plan
50% 7
VS Validated supply chain policy and its implementation plan and detailed M&E plan and end of contract report 30% 7

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