How MHA Consulting can help you be resilient in the face of today’s challenges

What does this experience mean for our customers? This means that whatever challenges your organization faces, or its size or industry, we have most likely been there and done it. This translates into better solutions for you, found and implemented more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our experience has also taught us the following:

• The importance of providing the highest caliber SCM consulting services with the utmost integrity and in a collegial spirit.
• That we best serve our clients by offering them a range of services, from occasional advice to the design and implementation of comprehensive programs, according to their needs and preferences.
• How to speak to management in their own language to discuss business continuity issues.
• That organizations benefit from adopting and aligning with a recognized business continuity standard.
• The importance of not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.
• The benefits of developing and using rational metrics to evaluate BCM investment options.
• The importance of measuring the results obtained rather than the amount of work done.
• That business continuity is a process, not a project, as organizations and environments change over time.
• That a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
• The benefits of developing a collaborative roadmap with GCA goals and timelines to guide program development over time.

These are some of the lessons of our experience. They come to fruition when we rely on them to provide our clients with business continuity advice and services.

MHA Consulting offers a full range of services covering all phases of the business continuity cycle. These include business impact analyzes (BIAs), threat and risk assessments, current state assessments, crisis management, business continuity, recovery from computer disaster, risk mitigation, supply chain security, staff augmentation, training, and the design and facilitation of simulated disaster exercises. , among others.

At every phase, we are available to offer high-level advice, work with you side-by-side, or manage all aspects of the job so your employees can focus on their usual tasks.

MHA Consulting offers a full range of services covering every phase of the business continuity cycle

Through our sister company BCMMETRICS, we also offer the BCMMETRICS Software Suite, a powerful and easy-to-use collection of BCM software tools. Compliance Confidence provides FICO-like scores for your BCM program. BIA On-Demand streamlines the process of conducting a business impact analysis. BCM Planner lets you create and maintain your recovery plans in one place. BCM One lets you seamlessly access your site recovery plans anywhere.

Would you like to learn more about how to deal with today’s unique challenges and the pivot of resilience? I share my thoughts on the subject every two weeks at the BCMMETRICS blog. (The BCMMETRICS site is also the place to learn more about the BCMMETRICS software suite.) My colleague Richard Long, a senior consultant at MHA, writes a bi-weekly blog on British Columbia-related topics with a focus on IT/Disaster Recovery on the MHA blog ( The MHA site also hosts our free Crisis Management, BIAs, and Supply Chain Security eBooks, as well as case studies and other resources.

In today’s environment, threats are proliferating while organizations are expected to maintain essential operations no matter what. In this brave new world, the right BCM consultancy can help you build resilience, strengthen your organization and protect your stakeholders.


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