Higher education should be accessible to all: Suresh


Visakhapatnam: Higher education should not be commercialized but it should be accessible to all classes, regardless of their social status, said Education Minister Audimulapu Suresh.

Taking part in the second Higher Education Planning Council meeting held on Saturday in Visakhapatnam, he emphasized the need to view education as an investment made to shape future generations.

“From primary education to higher education, the PA is going through a major transformation by introducing new systems such as the research council, quality assurance, the regulatory and supervisory commission and the development council of the Community promotion. The planning council is expected to produce positive results in two years, “the education minister said.

He reiterated that PA’s educational reforms set an example in the country. About 30 directors and vice-chancellors from various universities took part in the meeting organized in collaboration with Andhra University, Indian Institute of Management, Visakhapatnam and Indian Petroleum Energy Institute (IIEP).

“The board aims to bring together all universities, including agricultural, veterinary and medical institutions, under one roof to collaborate on research projects and exchange best practices in accordance with the agenda set by the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, ”Suresh said.

From providing quality education to exchanging good practices and broadening the horizons of higher education were some of the topics discussed at the meeting. College Education Commissioner Pola Bhaskar said state universities should have a unified academic calendar, curriculum, teaching and learning approach, and examination system.

State Minister of Tourism and Sports, Mr. Srinivasa Rao, said the state government should encourage young people by promoting sports. He said the chief minister is offering sports incentives and giving more encouragement to sports people.

PA State Council for Higher Education chairman Hemachandra Reddy said universities would work in coordination with local industries and meet the needs of students.

IIM-Visakhapatnam Chandrasekhar director said the country’s average gross enrollment rate was 27.2 percent, compared to 35.28 percent in the state. Speaking on the occasion, IIEP Director VSRK Prasad mentioned that energy and environment should be part of education.

AU Vice Chancellor PVGD Prasad Reddy said the higher education system needs to embrace further changes and there is an urgent need for students to become enterprising entrepreneurs. Later, Ministers Suresh and Srinivasa Rao jointly launched the new Learning Management System (LMS) by the Higher Education Council.


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