Getting involved: what the RCPCH does for its members and vice versa


The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) is a charity and membership body for paediatricians. By the time you read this article, you will hopefully know more about what the RCPCH does for members and what members can do for the RCPCH.

About the college

When people talk about the “College” they may be referring to a building or a group of individuals, but the RCPCH is the sum of its members, staff and trustees. The RCPCH has more than 20,000 members (including 8,000 international members), employs 180 people and has 12 administrators. The RCPCH was established in 1996 (with older roots in the British Pediatric Association) and its charitable aims, which remain highly relevant 26 years later, are:

  • Advancing the art and science of pediatrics

  • Improving the quality of medical care provided to children

  • Educate and address these child health concerns

  • Advance public education on child health

But how does it achieve these goals? The short answer is that the RCPCH uses the resources of its members, its staff, its board of directors as well as the voice of children (the latter through the &Us network) to develop and execute its strategy. The 2021 annual report1 details the recent actions and impact of the RCPCH. The current strategy of the RCPCH was published in 20212 and focuses on member support, knowledge translation, data, training and evaluation, and child and youth voice.

How the quorum supports its members

2021 Annual Membership Survey3 found that members are generally satisfied with their college (mean score of 3.6 out of 5), believe their college is effective in advocating for pediatrics and child health, and improving its member support. Archives of childhood illnesses was rated #1 of all RCPCH services by members in…


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