FranklinCovey Launches New Course: Change: How to Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity ™


SALT LAKE CITY – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – FranklinCovey (NYSE: FC), one of the world’s largest leading companies, today announced the launch of Change: How to turn uncertainty into opportunity™. The new course provides individuals, leaders and organizations with a framework to successfully navigate the predictable pattern of workplace change that will lead to improved and accelerated results. (Visit

Change is constantly happening within every organization, whether by choice or by default. But in the face of change, many organizations focus primarily on the process, rather than on the people who make the change successful. As change occurs, people are wired to react in order to survive, which can make them feel that change is difficult or threatening.

Marché Barney, senior consultant and change expert at FranklinCovey, said: “Change cannot be successful by relying on process alone. It takes everyone in the organization, from executive leadership to top-level leaders and their teams, to proactively engage to create success in the midst of change. While many change management processes overlook the human side of change, FranklinCovey Change: How to turn uncertainty into opportunity creates a deeper understanding of the human experience of change.

While change is inevitable, it follows a predictable pattern. Learning to manage reactions and understand how to navigate change, both functionally and emotionally, empowers individuals, including leaders, to consciously determine how to move forward skillfully, even in the most difficult stages. Successful leaders are able to engage their employees and guide them through this predictable pattern of change, making it less uncertain and more like an opportunity for accelerated growth and success.

A McKinsey study showed that only 26% of leaders believe their organizational transformations have been successful. (McKinsey 2015). Change in the workplace is also linked to the personal cost. During times of change, employees are 2.5 times more likely to report prolonged stress, 4 times more likely to have physical problems, and 3 times more likely to seek new employment (American Psychological Association 2017). But there is organizations that overcome all obstacles by engaging in successful change differently, as follows:

Franklin covey’s Change: How to turn uncertainty into opportunity focuses on three outcomes:

  • Build individual confidence with a predictable change pattern: employees with increased confidence exploit change, turn uncertainty into opportunity, and exceed desired results.
  • Leading people successfully through human reactions to change: leaders who understand the fundamentals of human responses engage teams to achieve and exceed targeted change results.
  • Optimize any change management process: effective change is not just a process – it is also about people. Equip employees at all levels to accelerate and optimize change, even beyond initial possibilities.

As teams successfully navigate change with its increasing pace and volume, they will reduce its associated costs and increase the creative enthusiasm they bring to meet and exceed targeted change results.

Gigi Glazer, Senior Manager, Organizational Development at Ryder System, Inc. who attended a beta of Change: How to turn uncertainty into opportunity, said: “In a nutshell – awesome. Love this course, great content, tools and animated videos. This will complement our training program for senior executives as they lead change across the board. organization I look forward to implementing the course at Ryder!

Franklin covey’s Change: How to turn uncertainty into opportunity The course is available to FranklinCovey customers in multiple learning modalities: live online, live in person, on-demand, digital learning, and virtual certification or consultant-led certification for client facilitators to deliver. Available in English only at launch, it will be translated into French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese in 2022, with 20 more languages ​​to come.

Paul Walker, CEO of FranklinCovey, said, “The ability to change successfully and in a predictable way is key to FranklinCovey’s mission to enable greatness in people and organizations everywhere. It is simply unacceptable to walk people through the disruption of change, with only the hope that it will be successful. This new course equips individuals and leaders with the mindsets, skills and tools to make change successful, every time.

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