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One of the things Michael Whiteman has missed the most during the COVID-19 pandemic has been his face-to-face visits with clients as Everence’s financial consultant, helping companies develop and implement their recovery programs. benefits, including group health and pension plans.

“I love going to companies, not only dealing with benefits, but I love talking with their company owners,” he says.

This could mean learning about a unique farm operation or the latest projects from a construction company. It’s a way not only to get to know Everence’s client companies, but also their employees.

“I connect with a lot of employees,” Whiteman says. “There are companies where employees have my mobile number. They call me to ask about their retirement and health plans. I think that’s one way we’re different. We interact directly with employees.

Everence partners with companies to design and administer health and benefits plans that align with their goals and missions. They work with businesses large and small and offer the benefit of local consultants and customer service backed by the resources of a national organization. Everence’s benefits team serves many businesses, nonprofits, and churches in central Pennsylvania.

“One of the most meaningful expressions of support for our team members has been the consistent on-site service provided on the Landis Homes campus,” said Larry Zook, CEO of Landis Communities, which partners with Everence to provide a benefits package to its approximately 600 employees. “As team members nearing retirement, this is especially appreciated as they can easily schedule appointments on campus and make plans for the future.”

These kinds of value-added benefits bolster an employer’s recruitment and retention efforts, according to Natalie Jenkins, financial consultant at Everence. “Developing a well-rounded benefits package can be an achievable goal for employers striving to attract and retain quality talent,” she says. “We serve as a resource not only for the employer, but also for employees as they navigate benefits issues, health claims challenges, billing issues and beyond. ”

When meeting with employees, Everence financial consultants like Whiteman and Jenkins are in a unique position to help with other organizational resources. These may include an Everence Medicare Specialist or an Everence Financial Planner who can help them achieve their retirement goals.

Everence also offers educational resources, such as seminars for employers on topics such as Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and regulatory issues or one-on-one meetings with employees to help them improve their financial well-being and to take full advantage of their benefits.

There’s another element of Everence’s personalized service that many businesses also appreciate: its commitment to helping clients integrate their faith and values ​​into their financial decisions to achieve their stewardship goals.

This was important to Landis Communities, a nonprofit faith-based organization affiliated with the Mennonite Church. “We view socially responsible investing as important to us as an organization, as well as to many of our team members,” says Zook, noting that senior executives at Everence and Landis Communities conduct regular reviews. relationships in order to share each other’s mission and orientation.

“In essence, what we do is help employers and our clients express their values ​​broadly through their choices,” said Bill Hartman, vice president of organization services at Everence. “It’s not our values, it’s the customer’s values.”

Many employers who partner with Everence simply want to be good stewards when resourcing their employees.

“Many of our employers view the provision of benefits as a personal value, not just a financial one. They feel a strong desire to take care of their employees,” says Whiteman. “If they can hire and retain good employees through their benefits, that’s good for business, but many small businesses feel it’s in their values ​​to help their employees take care of their families. “

These employers want to partner with a company like Everence that shares these values ​​of caring and commitment.

Jenkins says, “Offering a comprehensive package that includes health, attendant and pension benefits speaks volumes to employees that their employer is committed to creating a culture of care. »

Everence can partner with you to incorporate your faith and values ​​into your final financial decisions. To start the conversation about benefits, visit everence.com/centralpenn or call 717-733-9414.


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