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Elizabeth (Wood) Loemker Furber passed away on the early morning of July 21, 2021, at her Southport home, in the presence of her sons, Bill, Tom and Win.

Liz was born in New York City on September 26, 1930, 10 minutes before her twin brother Thomas Loemker, a feat she was quick to remind him whenever the opportunity presented itself. She attended lower schools in New York City, then attended Middlebury College, from which she graduated with honors before completing graduate studies in commerce at Radcliffe College.

After school, Liz went to work at the Kendall Company. While skiing a weekend at Cannon Mountain, she reconnected with a Middlebury classmate named Edward Furber and in September 1958 they married and moved to New Hampshire, where for a time loathsome Kendall losing her in domestic service, brought her back and left for New York. She loved her job very much, but after the birth of their first child, she chose to stay home and focus on her growing family. Three boys arrived in three years, keeping Liz very busy, and she nurtured a closeness between her boys more often reserved for friends than siblings.

The family moved from New Hampshire to upstate New York and returned to New Hampshire, settling in Bow, where they lived from 1970 until Liz and Ed built their retirement home. in 1991 on homestead in Southport.

Liz loved to travel. From crossing the country in her early twenties to trips to the United States and Europe with Ed and his sons, she considered the trips an educational joy. Most school vacations were filled at least in part with visits to museums and historic sites, particularly to Washington, DC, New York and Boston.

Liz’s education for her sons was manifold: building their vocabulary by generally conversing as if speaking with other adults; fostering a love of reading through frequent visits to the library where her boys were encouraged to pick up any book and read the first two pages and, if they found themselves reading the third page, bring it back at home ; the world of books coupled with frequent trips to New York and Boston and the many wonderful hours spent in theaters and museums gave the three sons a broad view of the world and a desire to travel and explore; while the six weeks spent in Southport at the cottage each summer anchored her sons in the value of family, time and the tide.

Liz stayed home until her sons were old enough to fend for themselves after school and re-enter the workforce at the New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Women, which she came to lead. with the New Hampshire League of Women Voters. She moved into the private sector, working as a personnel consultant with Paul Woodbury and Associates in Concord, NH

Retirement was barely retiring for Liz who volunteered with many local nonprofits including the YMCA and the St Andrews Hospital Auxiliaries, where she was ultimately proud to be. be president.

In 2015 Ed and Liz moved to the village of St. Andrews in Boothbay Harbor where they spent several happy years with new and old friends while being able to spend part of the year enjoying family boating. and with friends, sitting on the porch and celebrating the holidays at the Southport House, where she continued her practice of staying up as late as possible to enjoy the company of her visiting sons, friends and family.

Liz is survived by her three sons and seven grandchildren, Stassy, ​​Katie, Aly, Clementine, Jillian, Miles and Jack. In the week following her death, the family all had the chance to join the children and grandchildren of Liz’s twin brother at a family reunion on Frye Island, an annual tradition started by Liz’s brother. Liz in 2009. Tom Loemker died a few months before Liz. , so the reunion included many stories about the twins, exactly the kind of memorial Liz would have wanted.

At Liz’s request, the memorial service will be kept simple, with a few friends and family exchanging stories from her life. To express your condolences online, please visit hallfuneralhomes.com.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to the Southport Island Association (Liz Furber Fellowship) at PO Box 505, Southport, ME 04576. Mail will continue to be received at PO Box 186, Southport, ME 04576.

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