ECTC offers the Smarter Summer program thanks to a grant | Education


Elizabethtown Community and Technical College is now enrolling students in Smarter Summer, a program designed to help new students prepare for college.

Funded by a $119,300 summer relay programming grant from the Kentucky Council on Post-Secondary Education, an ECTC press release said Smarter Summer provides a variety of in-person and virtual services that can be customized. to meet the needs of students.

“Coming out of the pandemic, many students are finding they need help getting started in college,” ECTC President and CEO Juston Pate said in the statement. “Through our partnership with CPE, Smarter Summer offers additional resources that make a difference and prepare students for success in the fall 2022 semester.”

Smarter Summer includes summer courses, which run from June 6 to July 31. Classes include online and in-person sections for reading, math, and English development lessons. Designed to prepare students for college-level courses, the release says each class is limited to 10 students, allowing for more individual attention.

The ECTC freshman experience (FYE 105), which covers academic and personal success strategies as well as the development of career goals, is also offered. Freshmen taking the FYE 105 in person are eligible for a $500 scholarship.

According to the release, the Smarter Summer Bootcamp is for students who are about to test out a developmental English or math course. This intensive tutoring program helps students prepare for the KYOTE or Accuplacer placement tests. Bootcamp is free and testing fees are waived. Two one-week bootcamp sessions take place in July.

Additional Smarter Summer activities include workshops and multiple orientation options for new students.

“New and re-admitted students of any age can choose Smarter Summer activities that meet their individual needs,” Breanna Phillips, Smarter Summer program coordinator, said in the release. “It’s about preparing students for the best possible start.”


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