Ease Healthcare transforms access to women’s healthcare in PH


Ease Healthcare founders Guadalupe Lazaro and Rio Hoe CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Women’s health ecosystem company Ease Healthcare has officially launched its digital health services and mobile app in the Philippines.

By combining community, education, health tracking and telehealth in one app, Ease gives Filipino women the tools and support they need to make informed decisions about their sexual health and wellbeing. , reproductive and menstrual.

He has partnered with “It’s OK to Delay”, an SBC (social and behavior change) campaign of the United States Agency for International Development (USAid) ReachHealth project, to educate young adults in the Philippines about the family planning and contraception.

As part of this partnership, a live virtual event, “Girls Helping Girls,” took place in April and focused on family planning.

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“In a conservative society like the Philippines, women’s health is not often discussed openly. This has led to many young women being unprepared to make informed decisions about family planning and their own sexual and health issues. reproduction,” said the Philippine Commission on Population and Development (PopCom) Executive Director Juan Antonio Perez 3rd.

Working with local organizations such as PopCom, Ease aims to address four major health access gaps for women in the Philippines through its services: inconvenience, high costs, stigma, and lack of education.

“When we conducted extensive research for our launch in the Philippines, we encountered many online misconceptions about women’s health in the country. We quickly realized there was an urgent need to bust these myths and provide reliable and insightful educational content specifically aimed at our Filipino consumers,” said Guadalupe Lazaro, co-founder of Ease Healthcare.

Through the Ease app, users can access convenient, affordable, personalized and credible women’s health information and services from the comfort of their own home.

Visit https://ease-healthcare.com/ph/. Download the Ease app in App Store and Google Play Store.


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