Cuomo advised getting advice as harassment complaints mounted


As accusations of sexual harassment escalated in March, a political adviser urged three-term governor Andrew Cuomo to publicly state that he would seek counseling to remedy his allegedly abusive and intimidating behavior, an investigative report reveals.

The adviser, identified as a “former political consultant,” emailed Cuomo’s aide Melissa DeRosa on March 9, saying the governor should get psychological help to “get ahead” of the investigation report of State Attorney General Letitia James on sexual harassment. claims filed against him by his current and former subordinates.

James’ damning report released Tuesday concluded that Cuomo, the state’s chief executive since 2011, sexually harassed 11 women – including current and former staff members and even a female soldier over his personal safety details – in violation of federal and state law.

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women, including current and former staff members, according to AG James’ recent report.

Cuomo, 63, is not married. He split from his longtime partner Sandra Lee two years ago. He was previously married to Kerry Kennedy, with whom he has three daughters – Michaela, Cara and Mariah.

“I told you before, but I’ll say it again. I think he has to say he’s going to consult for his tendency to be aggressive and re-acclimatize the way he interacts with people, ”the advisor said in an email that was submitted as evidence in the report. 168 pages from the Attorney General.

“AG Report may not find any violations but will find inappropriate behavior, so why [not] come out ahead now. So the pattern of all these claims is addressed with this offering of advice and training, ”the consultant told DeRosa.

The consultant said he was aware of a group called “Mine the Gap” in Washington, DC, which works with corporate clients to improve corporate culture.

“He has to do something about his behavior – counseling and training take action to ensure change. I think it’s permission for people to focus on his positive attributes rather than the bullying and inappropriate behavior, ”said the consultant.

The State Assembly Judiciary Committee, which meets on Monday, plans to prepare articles of impeachment against Cuomo in late August after the scandal-scarred governor submits evidence in his defense.

Governor Andrew Cuomo Sandra Lee
Cuomo and his former partner Sandra Lee are no longer together.
Charles Sykes / Invision / AP
E-mail from a former consultant advising advice
The consultant advised Cuomo to “advance” the investigation of him.

Meanwhile, Cuomo faces investigations from five different district attorneys, which follow AG James’ report findings that the governor violated state laws regarding harassment and even potential sex crimes.

As The Post exclusively reported on Friday, an aide who accused the governor of groping her while they took a selfie together has filed a criminal complaint against him with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office.

The governor was squatted at the governor’s mansion, where The Post found him poolside on Thursday amid an avalanche of calls for his resignation.

Photo shows Governor Andrew Cuomo sitting next to an executive assistant on a sofa after allegedly groping her.
A photo of the anonymous assistant who accused the governor of groping her.
New York State Attorney General Letitia James
Following the results of AG James’ report, the State Assembly Judiciary Committee plans to prepare articles of impeachment against Cuomo.

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