Candidates for Michigan Senate District 28


On this year’s ballot are members of both branches of the Michigan Legislative Assembly (the House of Representatives and the State Senate). If you’re not sure which legislative district you’re voting in, visit the Michigan Voter Information Center to find more information, including your sample ballot personalized to your home address.

Whether you choose to vote by mail or in person, get to know the candidates before you vote by reading their responses to the top issues facing Michiganders.

Here are the nominees in their own words:

Meet the candidates

Muhammad Salman Rais (Democrat): I’m a doctor at DeWitt. I attended Central Michigan University to get a Masters in Health Services Administration. Volunteer in health and nutrition programs. I am a doctor, member of the Democratic Party and constituency delegate.

Sam Singh (Democrat): Sam is a lifelong Michigander who earned a degree in history from Michigan State University in 1994. Sam is married to Kerry Ebersole Singh, who is the Director of Talent Solutions and Engagement at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation ( MEDC). Sam and Kerry have a four -year -old son, Remy, who can’t wait to start kindergarten in the fall. From 1995 to 2007, he was president and chief executive officer of Michigan Nonprofit Association; From 2009 to 2012, he was a senior consultant to the New Economy Initiative; And from 2019 to today, he is the CEO of Public Policy Associates, Inc. from 1995 to 2005, he sat on the municipal council of East Lansing; from 2005 to 2007, he was mayor of East Lansing; and from 2013 to 2018, he served in the Michigan State House of Representatives (69th district). Note: Singh signed two pledges: one to support workers’ collective bargaining rights and a 100% clean energy and climate pledge (both consistent with his state legislature voting record).

Madhu Anderson (Republican): I lived in the 28th Senate District for over 25 years and raised my three children in Bath Township with my husband, Patrick. I earned an MPP from the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan and an AB in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley. I am a member of She Holds the Key, The Policy Circle and Treasurer of the Greater Lansing Potters Guild. I am a former member of the Women’s Caring Program, the Lansing Woman’s Club, and a past Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Montessori Children’s House of Lansing. My career in the public service focused on important issues for taxpayers and Michigan residents. I have worked on state fiscal policy, educational performance initiatives, and state energy policy: Director of Government Relations – The Nature Conservancy of Michigan; Deputy Director of the Michigan Energy Agency; Deputy Director-Environmental Quality Department, Director-Asia School Commission; Director-Center for Michigan Educational Performance and Information; Deputy Treasurer in chief/acting state treasurer – Department of the Treasury of Michigan; Political advisor – Bureau of majority policy in the Michigan Senate; Trade Research Analyst – Michigan Department of Commerce; Regulatory Representative – Pacific Gas and Electric Company. I was a candidate for State House in 2018 and a delegate to the GOP National Convention in New York in 2004. I am pro-life and support the freedoms granted to all citizens by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution from Michigan.

Daylen Howard (Republican): No answer.

On systemic racism

Muhammad Salman Rais (Democrat): This can be solved with the education of individuals. The government can provide educational solutions.

Sam Singh (Democrat): When you examine complex questions, it is imperative that people understand the data. The state can be a resource for communities, businesses and nonprofits by ensuring they disaggregate data on critical issues so that there can be real analysis done by race, gender, socioeconomic class and geographic location. If there are discrepancies, the state can partner with philanthropic organizations and other nonprofits to develop programs that can help resolve the issue.

Sam Sing

Madhu Anderson (Republican): I am not convinced that there is systemic racism in all these institutions. The role of the state government is to oversee the application of our laws in a non-discriminatory manner.

Daylen Howard (Republican): No answer.

On the COVID-19 response

Muhammad Salman Rais (Democrat): Due to an unprecedented emergency, the state response has been good. The legislature must prepare to deal with similar future situations and take measures to recover damage.

Sam Singh (Democrat): I believe the state acted in good faith on COVID based on the information it had at the time. The pandemic has shown how underfunded our public health system is nationally and locally. In addition, the processing of claims by the Unemployment Insurance Agency showed that it needed significant reform. It was disappointing that the Republican-led legislature did not act with urgency to disperse federal COVID relief funds. With over $2 billion remaining, I am supporting funding for initiatives that address the teacher shortage crisis, student learning loss, public health infrastructure, and programs that prepare workers in the Michigan to jobs in demand.

Madhu Anderson (Republican): Although there was a need for quick and immediate public health protections at the start of the pandemic, ongoing restrictions are placing undue pressure on families and the economy. The state legislature should focus on getting our children’s education back on track and helping our families and businesses meet rising costs by reducing their tax burden.

madhu anderson

Daylen Howard (Republican): No answer.

On economic stability and inflation

Muhammad Salman Rais (Democrat): The state government must support innovation, technology, manufacturing and agriculture for economic stability and growth.

Sam Singh (Democrat): Our small businesses are the backbone of our communities and a key driver of our economic prosperity. One of the biggest issues I hear from businesses in the 28th arrondissement is the need to find talent. We need to invest in industry-led initiatives that provide training for in-demand jobs. The Michigan Legislature should use a portion of the state surplus to fund apprenticeships, certificate programs, and college scholarships. In addition, the state needs to invest more in broadband access, water and sewer infrastructure, and funding for roads and bridges.

Madhu Anderson (Republican): The state government should focus on expanding technical and vocational education opportunities, reducing the tax burden on families and small businesses, and promoting Michigan as a place to live and work.

Daylen Howard (Republican): No answer.

On election security

Muhammad Salman Rais (Democrat): There are regulations for the safety and safety of elections and electoral staff. Clerks are working hard to implement them. I accept the 2020 results.

Sam Singh (Democrat): I believe Michigan’s elections are safe and secure. President Biden won Michigan by more than 154,000 votes and that was confirmed by bipartisan canvassing commissions, audits, and the Republican-led Senate panel that studied the issue. The Michigan Legislature should expand resources to local clerks and allow them to process absentee ballots early as they do in other states so that results can be provided to the public more quickly after the polls close. .

Madhu Anderson (Republican): The integrity of our elections is of the utmost importance. To regain the confidence of the electorate, we must secure our elections. I support the practices of common sense of verification of signatures and requirement for identification of voters for voters.

Daylen Howard (Republican): No answer.

On reproductive rights

Muhammad Salman Rais (Democrat): I support fair rights for all.

Sam Singh (Democrat): I believe that the United States Constitution gives Americans the fundamental right to privacy. La décision de demander un avortement devrait être entre une femme et son médecin et le gouvernement devrait rester à l’écart. I support the Governor’s decision to seek a Michigan State Supreme Court ruling on the legality of the 1931 ban.

Madhu Anderson (Republican): I am pro-life.

Daylen Howard (Republican): No answer.

On LGBTQ rights

Muhammad Salman Rais (Democrat): I support equal rights for all.

Sam Singh (Democrat): Yes. In 2014, I was the lead sponsor of the bill in the state House of Representatives to amend the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include LGBTQ people. People should not be able to be fired from their jobs or denied housing because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Many communities in the Mid-Michigan area have created their own local ordinances to protect LGBTQ people due to the state’s failure to act on this issue.

Madhu Anderson (Republican): This issue is currently before the Michigan Supreme Court. The Elliot-larsen law on civil rights prohibits discrimination based on sex.

Daylen Howard (Republican): No answer.

Other Import Issues

Muhammad Salman Rais (Democrat): Another pandemic in the future. We must prepare so that it does not harm life and the economy as damaged by COVID.

Sam Singh (Democrat): We must continue to finance and support people with drug addiction. While I was in the Legislative Assembly, I worked on several initiatives to cope with the epidemic of opioids. While a number of recommendations from Michigan’s Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Task Force have been implemented, we need more local resources to help fund recovery programs. , drug courts and educational programs.

Madhu Anderson (Republican): Michigan residents should ask for tax simplification. Tax rates should be low, fair and simple to administer. As a state senator, I would review our state’s tax system to ensure that it is best designed to promote economic growth for our state, its residents, and its employers.

Daylen Howard (Republican):

This story was assembled from email questionnaires administered by LSJ press assistants Jayne Higo and Veronica Bolanos. Contact them at [email protected] or 517.377.1112.


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