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The call for better planning for the future needs of schools in the Ulladulla / Milton area continues with support from Independent NSW MP Justin Field. He recently rose to parliament to voice his concerns about the planning of “future educational institutions in the Milton Ulladulla area”. The use of the old Anglican school Shoalhaven [SAS] site was mentioned in his speech. He has declared a conflict of interest because one of his children, Banjo, is preparing to “start a big school next year”. “This [Banjo going to school] has definitely sharpened my mind on some of the issues related to education, ”he said. Mr Field said the NSW government’s purchase of the SAS site in 2018 created some frustration with land use planning. “I recognize that there has been a decision to move the Budawang Special School to this site and this is a significant upgrade and expansion which will be very well used and needed in our area.” , did he declare. “However, parents in Milton / Ulladulla area remain frustrated that the need for additional educational facilities has gone largely unanswered. “substantial registrations were increasing in the region” and at which point they exceeded the “cap”. the enrollment cap is 509 and the 2021 enrollments were 749-240 above the cap or 47% above the cap. “Ulladulla High is only 27 years old over the limit,” he added. “However, you can see what’s going to happen here when the elementary schools go over their cap. In the three schools we have almost 30 temporary buildings – most of them encroaching on the children’s play area.” He added that similar problems were felt all over New South Wales, but that they were “particularly acute” on the south coast. current plans, population projections and existing schools available that potential growth can be nurtured with existing assets, ”he said. Independent MP says existing assets do not even keep pace with the region’s growth over the past five years with more growth “We are not doing enough and the community is asking the minister to engage with them on a strategic plan to use of the SAS site, ”he said. “I think they have failed to get the Minister’s attention so far.” Mr. Field does not want to miss the opportunity to “strategically develop the old SAS site in the interests of the whole region. ”“ I support the community group, the action group for the expansion of schools in the region of Ulladulla, in raising these issues at home and I ask the government to take them into account more ”, he said, “There is a desperate need for educational facilities in the Milton Ulladulla area.




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