Bihar schools and colleges allowed to reopen amid drop in COVID-19 cases


Bihar CM added that for all adult students studying at educational institutes across the state, as well as teachers and the rest of the institute’s staff will have the special vaccination center available.

Publication date: Mon 05 Jul 2021 13:46 IST

Patna | Jagran Education Office: Schools and educational institutes in Bihar are now allowed to reopen and start their activities in physical mode, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced on Monday.

“All universities, colleges, technical education institutes, government training centers and high schools up to grade 11 or grade 12 will open to 50% students,” Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said.

Bihar CM added that for all adult students studying in state educational institutes, as well as teachers and other institute staff, the special vaccination center will be available in the institute itself. even.

Last week, Bihar Education Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary said Bihar would opt for a gradual reopening of schools and educational institutes. The minister had hinted that if the COVID-19 situation in the state remained stable, schools and educational institutes could be allowed to reopen in the coming days.

Chaudhary, however, added that it will be mandatory for schools and colleges to follow all necessary guidelines that were issued by the state government last year to control the spread of the pandemic.

The government of Bihar also plans to appoint 1.25 lakh of teachers for primary and secondary schools once offline schooling begins. Reports suggest 30,000 more teachers will be appointed by the state government later this year.

For colleges and universities, the government of Bihar plans to appoint more than 4,500 assistant professors, for whom reports suggest the selection process has already started.

Schools and colleges in most parts of the country have remained closed since March 2020, when the national lockdown to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic was first put in place. Subsequently, since October of last year, governments have allowed the gradual reopening of schools and colleges. However, following the increase in COVID-19 cases, educational institutions that have been reopened have had to be closed again.

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