Big Demand: Guilford School Board Calls for Referendum on $ 1.7 Billion Bonds | Education


“I think it would take 20 years to even spend that money, so I’m not going to vote for it,” Welborn said.

Board member Anita Sharpe said the need for spending was real, but she was also worried about the possible impact on property taxes. And she wondered if the word “billion” on the ballot might frighten some voters. Perhaps, she said, it would be a better strategy to continue to break the plan down into smaller amounts for voters to consider.

In an interview on Tuesday, Contreras said she brought forward a resolution for a $ 1.7 billion referendum this time because that’s the figure she heard from county commissioners, who will ultimately vote for the write on the ballot.

“The number has been thrown out so often now that we don’t want to confuse people,” she said. She added that it made sense to go with that figure, given that she understood that the district might later ask for a third referendum on bonds for the last of the money.

Reached earlier Tuesday, Commissioners Chairman Melvin “Skip” Alston confirmed he was talking about putting a $ 1.7 billion referendum on the ballot.

“We are talking about our children and we have neglected where we asked them to go,” he said. “We have to make sure they keep up with the technology and have a better place to learn.”

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