At least 8 people killed in Russian university shooting


At least eight people were killed and several others injured after a student opened fire on a university campus in West Siberia, authorities said on Monday.

A video posted on social media shows students jumping out of second-story windows to flee the Perm State University gunman in the city of Perm, some 1,300 kilometers east of Moscow.

Russian Commission of Inquiry noted that eight people were killed.

In a statement released by Russian news agencies, the health ministry said 24 people were receiving treatment, including 19 who had been shot and wounded.

The investigative committee, which is investigating major crimes, said the gunman was injured and detained and opened a criminal investigation into murder following the attack.

President Vladimir Putin had been informed of the shooting, the Kremlin said, adding that the ministers of health and science had been ordered to travel to Perm to coordinate assistance to the victims.

“The president expresses his sincere condolences to those who lost their families and loved ones as a result of this incident,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Regional authorities said classes at local schools, colleges and universities were canceled on Monday.

The Baza Telegram channel, which is said to be close to the Russian police, identified the shooter as Timur Bekmansurov, citing anonymous sources.

Local News site published an unconfirmed social media post of the alleged shooter, where he details his plans and motivations for the attack.

“What happened was not a terrorist attack (at least from a legal point of view). I was not a member of an extremist organization, I was non-religious and apolitical. Nobody knew this that I was going to do, I carried out all these actions myself, ”the post read.

In the post, the alleged shooter said he was “brimming with hatred” and had been planning the shooting and saving money to buy guns for a long time.

School shootings are relatively unusual in Russia due to strict security in educational institutions and because it is difficult to buy guns legally, although it is possible to register guns from hunt.

Russia’s latest deadly attack on an educational institution took place in May 2021, when a 19-year-old opened fire at his old school in downtown Kazan, killing nine people.

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AFP contributed to the report.

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