As a category leader, we had to promote advertising solutions for agency clients: Nitin Bawankule from Disney + Hotstar


The head of ad sales, Star and Disney India, said the platform intends to run the program for at least six top-tier and 25 mid-level agencies by the end of March.

Last month, Disney + Hotstar launched an educational program for agency planners on online advertising solutions and video marketing. Through this program, the streaming platform aims to help agencies gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in planning and executing strategic digital campaigns.

“Digital advertising over the past decade has been phenomenal. Within this video, the ads exploded. It generates 60-70% of the data traffic in this country, which makes it the biggest marketing platform for all marketers, and we play a big role in that. So we realized that as a category leader, we needed to launch an educational program for our agency clients to promote advertising solutions on Disney + Hotstar. The idea was to provide in-depth knowledge and expertise in planning digital campaigns for this platform and its capabilities, ”said Nitin Bawankule, Ad Sales Manager, Star and Disney India in an interview with afaqs!

As this is an eight hour program, it is divided into two days of four hours each. The first LEAP session took place on November 25 with the Dentsu India team and the next will be with Madison. The platform intends to carry out the program for at least six main agencies and 25 mid-level agencies by the end of March and by the end of June at least 50 mid-level agencies.

“Video consumption is booming. Currently, there are nearly 500 million internet users in India. Over the next three years, it will increase to 800 million. The consumption of videos will therefore explode. And consumption of Disney + Hotstar will also continue to grow. As we get new audiences to the platform, new areas will be able to add value to brands that want to reach that audience. This will therefore change every year. We therefore plan to implement this program for all agencies over the next three to six months. Once we’re done we’ll get feedback and evolve to see if there are any new modules that can be added next year, ”he added.

Speaking on the need for the program, Bawankule noted a lack of in-depth information and ideas. While digital platforms are an effective way for brands to connect with their audiences, media planning on online video marketing platforms requires a different approach.

“Unlike our competitors who do not have advertising on their platforms, Disney + Hotstar allows advertising. Our content type is therefore not available on any other advertising platform. The media planner would not know the audience for this type of content. As a category leader, it is our duty to create awareness. So even if a new media planner is joining an agency tomorrow, he or she may be given a cheat sheet to say this is how you can plan a campaign, ”he said.

This program helps Disney + Hotstar engage deeply with advertisers and helps them reach a premium audience. It also helps the audience to watch relevant ads.

“Our subscribers are the most premium audience in this country. We wanted to make sure that we gave marketers the ability to reach them with the right message. For example, if Nestlé or P&G wants to reach premium audiences with their premium products, we have the opportunity to reach that audience and have great value. From an audience perspective, the audience will also enjoy the experience of seeing relevant ads, rather than seeing random ads, ”he said.

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