All the play and no learning? Tamil Nadu schools plan to entice returning students with fun act – Edexlive


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Tamil Nadu’s Education Ministry has asked teachers to put the program aside and organize fun activities for the school’s reopening week on November 1. Teachers from schools across the state will hold sessions on storytelling, games, art, writing, singing and luring students into school after a gap of more than a year and a half.

Bala Dandayuthapani, Director of Education (CEO) of Thoothukudi District, said: “The activity-based events were planned for seven days. The idea is to attract children and make them want to go back to school. After a break of a year and a half, it is natural that many students do not wish to resume physical classes. So making it fun and light might make them want to go back to school.

The second important objective is to reintroduce the pupils into the atmosphere of the classroom. Geetha, Coimbatore District CEO, said: “We will only accommodate 20 students in a class. We have been given standard operating procedures (SOPs) to be followed strictly – this includes COVID-19 safety protocols such as setting in place of hand sanitizers, hand wash basins and soaps, separate desks, stock up on masks and maintain social distancing. “

There will be challenges galore as Geetha identifies. “Getting students to sit in one place can be a simple but tricky task. Follow class etiquette, such as sitting in chairs during class, taking notes, putting trash in the trash, facing the teacher and the board, etc. can be difficult as they are used to looking at their phones and screens, ”she explains.

The first 45 days after the reopening will be devoted to a refresher course to allow students to seamlessly transition into the new year and familiarize themselves with the new lessons.



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