AC Power LLC and Solar One Partner to Offer Career Readiness Programs for Students Entering the Solar Energy Industry


Zerlina Torras just completed a 5 month internship with Solar One and AC Power. “These camps gave me the opportunity to grow. In both camps, my confidence and initiative were pretty poor at first. As I warmed up, I became more independent and confident. in my ability to: at SolarOne, teach, and at AC Power, learn, listen and make the most of what I’ve learned,” said Zerlina, who will start her first year at University of Vermont this autumn.

By working with both organizations, Zerlina was able to apply the skills learned in Solar One-led PV trainings to AC Power’s solar development work.

At the college level, AC Power is working with Solar One to leverage their workforce development expertise and tailor in-person NABCEP certification training for college-level students. Morris County College (CMC). The certification helps job seekers gain a competitive edge when applying for jobs in solar energy.

AC Power and Solar One are excited to continue to grow their existing relationship, strengthen and discover new synergies to help excite and enable people to enter the green energy workforce.

Solar One is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to design and deliver innovative education, training, and technical assistance that promotes sustainability and resilience in diverse urban environments. We foster learning that changes the way people think about energy, sustainability and resilience by engaging and educating a diverse set of stakeholders and beneficiaries. Our programs help individuals and communities explore new ways of living and working that better adapt to a changing world. Visit our website at

AC Power’s mission is to facilitate the natural pairing of solar energy facilities and brownfields, or other underrated sites. We are overcoming the barriers associated with these sites to successfully commission the solar installations and return the property to revenue-generating use.

AC Power is a certified WBE.



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