The Florida Keys Children’s Shelter (FKCS) recently received a three-year federal grant totaling $ 600,000 from the US Department of Health and Children’s Human Services Administration. , young people and families (ACYF) for the development of a new Living Program (TLP).

Transitional life services will be provided to young adults, aged 16 to 22, who may be homeless, aging outside the foster home, or in a variety of other situations that limit self-reliance. Emancipated youth aged 16 to 17 will be served at TLP, otherwise they will be served by FKCS Jelsema programs.

FKCS will offer individual and group counseling sessions with on-site support staff that will include case management, health and wellness, independent living skills, educational planning, career development and professional training.

Outreach efforts directed to community organizations will also support this program and, in turn, will significantly meet a regional need for a safe and stable living environment for young people to learn or improve their life skills, abilities and potential. .

“I have been at the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter for 21 years. And for 21 years, I’ve watched hundreds of children grow old outside of wards, with nowhere to go, ”said Ben Kemmer, CEO of Florida Keys Children’s Shelter. “I am so proud to be a part of this exciting new chapter with our organization.

The Florida Keys Children’s Shelter TLP is designed to take into consideration the individual needs of each resident, but each individual’s goal is the same: a successful transition to a responsible and independent young adult.

“We could look after the kids up to the age of 18, but they were then sent back to Miami and beyond, for assistance in their final stage, the transition to adulthood,” said the President of FKCS, Brad Copeland. “Sending Keys kids to Miami at 18, with no work and no money, is a failing formula. Now, with our new TLP program, our children will be supported in a loving family environment, while they work through their first job, college, business school or the path to success they are. ‘they choose.

FKCS is currently seeking to fill three positions for this new program; applications for a case manager, coordinator and community specialist are in the process of being accepted. All positions require a bachelor’s degree, as well as a minimum of two years of related experience with runaway and homeless youth.

For more information, please visit www.FKCS.org or call 305-852-4246.

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