Key Areas of Focus for School Construction

Many parents are active in the lives and education of their children. One thing they concern themselves with is how their child’s school facilitates learning and healthy development. Architects and engineers focus on a few key areas when designing new schools to meet the changing needs of children.

Green Building

Many school districts are interested in being green both with the materials they use in new construction and how the building is designed. Educational construction trends are taking the new environmental awareness of the greater population in consideration when designing new schools. School districts look for many ways to be greener including better air quality, waste reduction and electricity sources.


Schools across the nation are seeing an increasing influx of school-age children. Smaller schools face many problems resulting in overcrowding as the areas expand around the schools. Larger schools work to allow for better adaptability as the population expands. Architects and designers must look to population trends to help the school district plan for and anticipate growing student populations.


More and more schools are incorporating the latest technological advancements into the classroom. Collaboration rooms, computer lab classrooms and innovative technology are being incorporated into emerging school designs. Technology requires access to the internet and electricity. Educational school designers must incorporate additional electrical outlets, different types of ports and internet capabilities in classrooms, offices and shared spaces.

Special Needs

With the advancement in knowledge and testing surrounding learning disabilities, more children than ever are receiving specialized learning than ever before. These new learning formats and aids impact how a school is designed. Those with additional special needs require additional changes in their environment from more space to access to technologies that allow them to work on fine-motor skills.

In addition to these, educational designs often incorporate green spaces for outdoor play, gardens, animal housing and more. The school district, staff and parents may want input into the design and what is included to make the school a functional, safe and inviting learning environment.…

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