10 ways to prepare for the new year


It’s the first day of the new year! This day comes with the ecstasy and celebration of seeing a new year. But once the merriment is over, the steps on how to achieve the set goals and resolutions for the next year begin. A little worry about actualizing established plans might set in, but an obsession with the occasional slips won’t help either.

Below are 10 comprehensive ways to prepare for the New Year.


The past year is over and the new year offers a new opportunity to achieve more ambitious goals. A thank you gift, perhaps, a thoughtful handwritten or typed note, to loved ones, acquaintances, colleagues and bosses for being a part of the past year, further affirming the hope for a better relationship in the news. year.

“Put your gratitude into action and show appreciation to your loved ones and your support network,” advised Kenneth Wong, protest coach and self-help author.

Start with a specific goal

Today is the best day to start on specific goals and resolutions already made over the past few days. For example, a resolution to commit to healthy eating would mean starting with the dinner or New Years party that you would be invited to or even hosted.

Author and educational consultant, Kendra Cherry, advised having a specific and realistic goal as well as a concrete plan to achieve those goals during the year.

She added, “Taking too much at one time can be intimidating. This can be particularly difficult because establishing new patterns of behavior takes time and sustained effort. Focusing on a specific goal keeps a resolution much more achievable.

Good attitude

A counseling psychologist, Tosin Togun, said having the right attitude is important for the New Year.

She said: “It involves leaving behind a lot of things that have hurt us. Each new year offers various opportunities and many people would come with them, but what would sustain one on top of those opportunities is having the right attitude and that involves forgiving where you need it and letting it go. past in the past. It also doesn’t mean that one should reject the right skills and the right people in one’s life.

Togun added that the baggage from the previous year should be removed and stressed the need for improvements for the new year.

“Take away the luggage and make sure that what is not working in 2021 will work in 2022. This means that we have to assess to see what we are not doing well and improve it,” she said. note.

Show planned schedule

Now the calendars and agendas for the New Year are already in our possession. The activities, international days, national holidays and celebrations are already marked. Likewise, one can mark personalized vacations, birthdays, events and activities for the year and display them in a personal but closed place where they can be tracked.

Wong further advised, “Accomplish more in the New Year by using an agenda. Calendars are great tools for planning your days so you can set goals, stay organized, and stick to a schedule.

Using a printable planner was also recommended for those who might have difficulty committing to using a planner.

Take it one day at a time

“Taking too much too quickly is a common reason many New Year’s resolutions fail. Starting a non-permanently restrictive diet, overdoing it at the gym, or drastically altering your normal behavior are sure-fire ways to derail your plans.

Instead, focus on the small steps that will ultimately help you reach your larger goal, ”Cherry said.

Taking small steps every day may seem like a slow start, but these incremental changes have the potential to be successful in the long run.

Avoid fear, repeat past failures

The opportunities of the new year, if properly maximized, are enough to make up for the failures of the past year. Failures and failure to meet the resolutions of the past year should not be allowed to instill fear and mistrust of fulfilling the hopes and dreams of the New Year, but rather it should be a learning point to do. the right choices and decisions.

Cherry added, “Another strategy for keeping your New Years resolutions is to not make the same resolution year after year. If you choose to achieve the same goals you’ve tried in the past, spend some time evaluating your previous results. Which strategies have been the most effective? Which were the least effective? What has kept you from sticking to your resolve in recent years? Consider changing your resolution slightly to make it more workable. By changing your approach, you are more likely to see real results this year.

Contact the people you want in your life this year

Today, being the first day of the year, it is not too late to contact the people with whom we would like to associate or work.

An author and writer, Kevin Daum, said, “No one achieves the pinnacle of success on their own. It’s possible that you already have exactly the right people in your life to get you there, but maybe not. Now is the time to take stock of those in your world and make the necessary changes. Kick off the chain of emails today with at least three people who will help you excel.

Acquire help

Having reliable support can keep you motivated and on track with New Year’s goals and resolutions.

“The camaraderie makes sticking to your resolution more fun, too. So ideally find a like-minded friend or loved one to join you in your goal. Explain what your goals are to your close friends or family and ask them to help you achieve your goals. Better yet, enlist the help of others by joining a group that shares your goal, ”Cherry said.

Renew your motivation

In the first few days of the New Year, one feels confident and highly motivated to stick to the plan as there might be no challenges or temptations that could pose a threat to those goals. However, when these challenges arise, one can become demotivated and indifferent to achieving these goals.

To this, Cherry advised, “When you face such moments, remember exactly why you are doing this. Think about (or write a list to keep handy) what you stand to gain by reaching your goal? Finding inspiration can keep you going when times get tough.

Track your progress, reward yourself

“Keeping track of progress can be a big help on the journey,” said Amber Tresca, freelance writer and speaker. Short-term goals are easier to stick to and encourage you to stay motivated. You can write down each achievement you make and then focus on the bigger ones.

Tresca added, “Small rewards along the way can help make you feel like you’re achieving goals. This doesn’t mean that it’s okay to eat an entire box of chocolates if the resolution is to eat healthier. Instead, celebrate successes with something enjoyable that doesn’t contradict the resolve. After keeping a promise to eat better, for example, maybe a reward could be going to the movies with a friend.

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