Rugs and Decorating Trends

Rugs are a multi-functional accessory in your home. They do more than contribute to the aesthetics of your home. Rugs are an ideal way to achieve the amount of coziness you desire in each room. They can be an artistic feature in a room. Appropriately sized rugs can be incorporated into expansive rooms or into small rooms that are often a challenge to decorate.


The foyer of your home can give visitors a glimpse of your design style and a hint as to what decor aspects to expect as they move into your living room. A rug can make your foyer welcoming and dramatic. Browsing through the versatile design options at PRG rugs is a great way to gain inspiration for your overall foyer décor.

Décor Trends

Rugs fit beautifully into the decorating trend that showcases the exquisite and diverse colors of nature. Jute and sisal rugs are often used in nature theme decors or in homes where natural elements are a featured part of the décor. Layering rugs is a design idea that seems to retain its popularity throughout the constantly changing design trends. PRG rugs feature designs in earthy colors are eye-catching placed on top of a large neutral-colored jute or sisal rug.

Textured Walls

Textile art is gaining popularity in 2019. You can incorporate textured rugs into your décor by displaying them as wall art. Rugs featuring interesting designs or mesmerizing coloring can elevate the beauty of any room. With the extensive selection of rug designs available, you should be able to find the ideal design to showcase on a living room, dining room or bedroom wall.

Rugs can be a focal point in a room or a subtle accent piece. They can be placed so that they unify a conversation area of a room. Rugs can also help distinguish specific areas in an open floor plan design. Sometimes, a small room doesn’t have the necessary space for displaying wall art. You can fill an artistic void with an impressive artistically beautiful rug.…

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New Windows Provide Many Benefits

If your home has old windows, you’re missing out on a variety of benefits that new windows provide. Whether your existing windows are old and damaged or simply ugly and outdated, replacing them with window contractors lake county il can give your home a fresh new look with benefits.

According to real estate experts, installing new windows can boost investment returns on your Chicago property. Installing new windows can promote energy efficiency, lower home energy expenses, reduce heat, noise and glare, create more even interior temperatures, and reduce home maintenance. If you’re thinking about new windows for your home, take a look at the many benefits of window replacement.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

Replacing your old windows with new, energy-efficient windows is an affordable home improvement with big benefits. Windows that are well-insulated keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They prevent uncomfortable, drafty spaces and keep indoor temperatures even from room to room. These energy-efficient benefits mean lower home energy costs that can save you hundreds of dollars on your heating and cooling bills.

UV Protection

Although most homeowners welcome natural light, excessive ultraviolet rays can fade interior materials and colors. By installing new double-pane triple-pane windows with Low-E insulating glass, you can protect your flooring, furnishings, artwork, and other valuables from sun damage. These windows have insulating argon that blocks out 84 percent of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Just think of them as a sunscreen for your home.

Easier Maintenance

By replacing your existing windows with new high-quality windows with advanced designs and materials, you can reduce your maintenance and increase sustainability. Whether you prefer the beauty of natural wood or the easy care of vinyl, window contractors lake county il have many styles and finishes with innovative glass designs and easy to clean features.

New windows with improved features offer homeowners many benefits from increased energy efficiency to better home security and increased curb appeal. If you’re considering replacement windows, take a closer look at what new energy-efficient windows that offer great benefits for your home.…

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How to Survive Without Wi-Fi

There are so many reasons that we use the Internet. In this point in time, it is arguably the top three most important component in our everyday lives. These are just a few of the vast array of Internet-based activities: banking, shopping, gaming, checking sports scores, show-watching, social media, mapping out a destination – the list goes on and on. Internet service providers have a vested interest in getting the Internet up and running during an outage so that people will continue their quest for the next video or game.

For once, the older generations have a distinct advantage over the youngsters. The majority of the lives of pre-GenX’ers was totally bereft of any sort of World Wide Web and miraculously got through it. When that Internet shows the chilling news of “no signal,” most people are able to reset the router to get the Wi-Fi going again. But in the case that something is mysteriously wrong and beyond the realm of the nearest techy family or friend, it’s time to call the Internet service provider, and depending on the estimate of downtime, it’s time to go to emergency mode to get through this difficult time. Here are some pointers:

  • Make dinner and enjoy it together.
  • Go out to eat, go to a movie, go shopping.
  • Go to the park or do some other outdoor activity. Frisbee football is supposed to be neat. Kids should be outside more anyway.
  • Talk to each other – look each other in the eye and speak in non-fractional sentences.
  • Call your mother! She’s been wanting to hear from you.
  • With a longer period of time, you can clean – the kitchen cabinets, closets, bathrooms, garage. Generally, declutter.
  • Move your furniture around – you may end up liking the end result better. And you can get some exercise while doing so.
  • Touch up some paint, or even paint a room.
  • Go to the hardware store and hunt around for materials to fix the things you’ve been meaning to fix. And you can get that paint for that room.
  • Even take out that wall you’ve been meaning to lose.
  • If you work from home or even if you don’t, here are more things you can do:
  • You are bound to have paper clutter that you need to go through. Read those articles you’ve left for “someday.” Look for that paper that you need for that thing.
  • Work on your desk and whip it into shape. It’ll be worse before it’s better, but imagine how clean it will be when you get rid of the garbage and put non-essential things elsewhere.
  • Move your desk around; reconfigure your space. You never know if your chi is out of whack.
  • If your desk has a theme, try changing it up – another change that can make a difference.

Think seriously about how your life would be without the Internet, or with only access here and there. There are many people who don’t have access to the Internet …

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Why Your Homestead Needs a Water Well

You might have always dreamed of having a homestead of your own. If this is the case, then you could be wondering if you should hook it up to the municipal water source that is available in the area or if you should set up your own water well. Some people have homesteads that are hooked up to municipal water, but having a water well drilled just for your homestead can be well worth it for these reasons.

Have More Choice in Where You Set Up Your Homestead

Right now, if you are only looking at properties that have access to municipal water supplies, then your options might be limited. You might be interested in potentially purchasing a large piece of rural land for your homestead, but some plots of land that you might find might not have access to local utilities. With the help of water well drilling companies near me Salisbury NC, though, you can start looking at properties that might not currently have access to a water supply, since you can add your own. This makes it possible for you to look at plots of land for your homestead that you might not have been able to consider before.

Avoid Water Restrictions

There are some areas that have some rather strict water restrictions about how much water you can use and when you can use that water. The good news is that you don’t have to stress over all of these water restrictions if you have your own water supply with a water well, so you can enjoy more freedom on your new homestead.

Save Money on Your Water Use

On your large homestead, you could be hoping to one day have tons of gardens so that you can grow your own food. You may be hoping to keep a lot of livestock, too. All of these things require water and can cost a lot of money when you use a municipal water supply, but you’ll save money over time with the help of a water well.

Investing in a water well is a good idea for many people who set up their own homesteads. It might just be a good idea for you, too, for the reasons outlined above.…

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How Do You Know When Your AC Needs Repair?

Of course, if it is ninety degree outside, and your home feels like is one-hundred, something is not right with the AC. However, there are other signs that your system is not working properly. Not all problems are immediately obvious. Here are a few things you can look for that may mean your system needs repair.

Excess Moisture

A visual inspection of your system is important. This can let you know if there are problems that might go unnoticed if you do not inspect it from time to time. If there is water or excess moisture around the AC system, it is possible refrigerant could be leaking. Often, the leak can begin from a small pin hole, but it will get larger. This refrigerant or freon, is toxic and can cause many problems, even death.

Another reason you might see water around your system is from a drainage tube that has broken or become blocked. Although this is not a dangerous situation, it should be repaired as soon as possible. This can help to prevent the growth of mold. When searching for ac repair near me, Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating is an option.

Odors Coming From the Vents

Have you noticed a musty odor coming from your air conditioning vents? If so, this generally is due to mold growing either inside the duct work or the unit. This will greatly affect the quality of air inside your home and should be dealt with quickly. One problem that is not caused by the AC system, but can be dangerous is when you smell a sewage odor. This usually means a broken sewer vent pipe close to the duct work. The odor is methane and it can be hazardous.

A burning odor may mean that the compressor or fan in the system could have problems. This can cause a fire, so you should turn the air conditioner off, and have it checked immediately. These are just a few of the indications of problems with your AC system that should be taken care of immediately to prevent further damage or a dangerous situation.…

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The Advantages Of Hiring The Help Of A Fire Protection Services Agency

Whether you are operating a warehouse, retail store or restaurant, it is important to ensure the safety of your products, employees and customers. It is the responsibility of a business owner to take measures to ensure the building is protected from fire risks. Having a simple fire alarm won’t be enough to properly protect a whole business. This is where fire protection services California from reputable companies such as come into play. Below are some advantages to take into consideration.

Certified Experts

Working with professionals who are experienced ensures your business will receive the best quality services for fire protection. A fire protection company can offer services such as getting your sprinkler systems installed, alarm systems set up and an early warning system installed. All available failsafe protection systems available will be set up for you and ready to protect you and your valuables.

Comprehensive Training

Fire protection service companies don’t just set up and install the systems and walk out your door. The professionals will also work with you to help you understand how to use and maintain the systems properly. They will also work with you to set up the necessary maintenance and inspection dates to ensure your systems continue to work properly.

Better Protection All Around

Fire sprinkler systems don’t just work to protect your merchandise and business, they can help to protect your employees and customers as well. The safety of anyone who works in or visits your business is in your hands. If you don’t install a proper protection system, you could be putting more than material things in harm’s way. Any trusted business professional needs to take the safety of people’s lives into consideration.

All businesses can benefit from hiring a fire protection services company to help them install and maintain protection systems. It can be very risky for a business owner to try and cut costs by not having a properly installed fire suppression system. Creating a safe work environment starts with a fire detection and fire suppression system.…

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How Insulation Helps Your Home Become More Energy Efficient

It’s amazing how insulation is capable of helping your home to become more energy efficient. Through the use of spray foam insulation Maryland residents have learned how they can make a difference. This method makes it easy to add additional insulation behind your walls, in your attic, and elsewhere throughout your home.

Increase the Insulation

You want to consider increasing the insulation in every area of your home. Over time, the insulation that you have between your walls and the outside decrease. Additionally, homebuilders don’t add as much insulation as they used to. Any area of your home that has the outside on the other side should have plenty of insulation. Spray foam can be used to increase the levels dramatically.

Minimize Crevices

A number of crevices may currently be present within your insulation. All it takes is a small amount of area where there is no insulation so that it can cool off your home too much when you are running the heat and warm up your home when you are running the air conditioning. By adding spray foam, you minimize the crevices so that you aren’t wasting any additional energy in order to keep your home comfortable. Additional insulation will also help to noise proof your rooms and eliminate pests.

Watch Your Energy Bill

Your AC isn’t going to have to run as frequently during the summer months. Your heat won’t have to run is frequently during the winter months. This makes all the difference in the world when it comes to your energy bill. As soon as you have more insulation added, you will notice that you will save on a monthly basis.

It’s important to be a responsible homeowner. If you have noticed that your energy bill is climbing, it’s likely because your home isn’t as efficient as it can be. Spray foam can be installed quickly in order to boost the insulation of your home.…

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The Beautiful Characteristics of a Genuine Berber Rug

An authentic Berber rug is the perfect addition to any home. Beni Ourain rugs are quite different from the cheap imitations that are now mass-produced throughout the world. The latter are devoid of the genuine characteristics that are always seen with Berber rugs created by Moroccan tribes women. Although cheap knockoffs are readily available from large box stores, most consumers are quite disappointed with what they get for their money when they purchase these fakes.

For instance, many consumers who own genuine Beni Ourain rugs frequently describe it as owning their own tiny part of history or investing in a work of art. These statements are not exaggerations, as textiles of this kind have been traced back thousands of years, and it is believed that the craft was originally invented as far back as the Palaeolithic era. Additionally, it is well-known that over the course of several centuries, the methods and techniques involved in the creation of each Berber rug have been handed down from one generation to the next. On the other hand, fake Berber rugs are simply items from an assembly line with nothing to offer regarding originality, craftsmanship or history.

A One-of-a-Kind Creation

Many consumers invest in Berber rugs state that they favour such textiles because no two are exactly alike. This is another way a shopper can immediately distinguish the difference between mass-produced fakes and original, handmade Beni Ourain rugs. The patterns and designs seen on original Moroccan rugs depict things known only to the weaver, such as historical events concerning her tribe, family history, religious symbols, and tribal folklore. This is why each piece is entirely original and the purchaser will never see the exact same rug in anyone else’s home.

Sustaining a Way of Life

When an authentic Beni Ourain rug is purchased, the money goes to a Moroccan tribe member who is helping to support her family. In some regions of Morocco, such as the Atlas Mountains, weaving Berber rugs is the only way villagers can sustain their way of life. For this reason, purchasing an authentic Beni rug, as opposed to a cheap fake, greatly helps the indigenous peoples of Morocco.

Unique Texture

Another distinct difference between a genuine Berber rug and a cheap imitation is the texture of the rug. Even if a manufacturer of a mass-produced rug boasts about its quality, no material can compete with the luxurious, distinct texture of the natural materials used to create Moroccan Berber rugs.


Durability and longevity are two extra benefits associated with such rugs, and when compared with cheap imitations, a substantial difference can be noted: because genuine Beni Ourain rugs are crafted from the hair of goats or camels, or sheep’s wool, they generally last up to 50 years. This exceptional durability means they can be placed in family rooms, entryways, hallways, living rooms, and other high traffic areas. This is not true with synthetic carpet, as the latter wear out at a rapid pace if used in such …

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Choosing Illumination for Practical and Aesthetic Reasons

Depending on where you live, you might be required by the city or neighborhood to light up the outside of your home. You need to illuminate walkways like the sidewalks and driveway. If you fail to provide lighting for these fixtures, you could be sued if someone trips and falls on your property.

Likewise, you may be required by your homeowners association to keep the outside of your home looking beautiful. You can accomplish this in part by installing new lights on your home and in your yard. For track lights, lamps, and other types of outdoor lighting kansas city homeowners like you can get the full selection available to you on the company’s website today.

Practical Purposes

The primary reason you may want to put in new lighting is for practical purposes. After all, you do not want to be held liable if someone gets hurt in the dark on your property. You want to be able to prove you did everything in your power to light up walkways outside of your home.

The website offers lighting that can illuminate large outdoor areas and make it easy to see where to walk. The lights are not dim or covered. They can shine for several feet around them once they are turned on for the night.

You also may want lights with sensing detectors in them. When you walk up to your home or drive up the driveway, the lights will come on and help you see better. The company sells these types of lights and more on its website.

Aesthetic Appeal

As much as you want lighting that is practical and serves the purpose, you also do not want it to be ugly. After all, the lights you install will influence the look of your home. You do not want to detract from its beauty by installing unappealing lights.

The company specializes in selling lights of all styles, allowing you to choose one that will serve your home the best. It may complement or blend in with the style of your home’s exterior. It also may look natural and like it has always been there.…

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The Three Things That Make a Master Suite a Luxury

Many homeowners dream of having a master suite. This is an area where you can relax at the end of the day, store clothing and accessories in an organized fashion, and have an attached bathroom that suits all of your needs. Whether you are renovating an existing master suite or adding on to your home to create one, include the following three features in order to make it the space you have dreamed of.

The Walk-In Closet

It won’t matter how beautiful your new master suite is if it is cluttered with piles of clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Be sure to include a walk-in closet in your design plans. Take advantage of closet organizing items found in your local home improvement store to help keep everything you need at your fingertips.

The Master Bathroom

It is commonly the bathroom that makes a master suite so special. This attached room should provide plenty of storage with cabinetry and closets to hold grooming essentials, towels, and paper products. If you want the ultimate in luxury, consider a walk-in shower with a separate tub. The plumbing services hinsdale il has available can help you with this very important part of your master suite construction.

Creature Comforts

No matter what you put into your master suite design plan, finish the project with items that will be functional and beautiful. Look for ceiling fans that include general lighting and will keep your room cool while sleeping. Install plush carpeting that you will enjoy stepping on to first thing out of bed each day.

By making sure that your new master suite has a walk-in closet, a well functioning bathroom for two, and plenty of creature comforts, you will end up with a space you will look forward to being in. It will be just the place to go to at the end of a busy day and get rested up and ready to tackle what ever lies ahead.…

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